Christmas 2017

Transport Malta and the Malta Road Safety Council are encouraging drivers to give a gift to other road users this Christmas.  The symbolic gift, represented by an actual gift box, is a list of nine pledges that urge drivers to behave responsibly.    This ‘gift’ is a very valuable one, a gift that can save lives.

When I drive, I don’t use a mobile phone

I don’t drink alcohol before driving

I use the indicator whenever I change direction

On the road, I’m always careful

I always put on the safety belt, in front and at the back

I keep to the speed limit

I make sure kids have the appropriate car seat

I am always careful for riders on the road

I don’t park recklessly

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg visited Parliament Square where the campaign was launched.

The Minister said that while it is wonderful to celebrate during this time of year, it is important to do everything in moderation. He reminded everyone that at the beginning of this month, the penalty point system was extended to all drivers in an effort to promote more responsible driving on our roads. Minister Borg said that he understands that there are some who do not agree with this system but went on to say that he would rather anticipate a tragedy and caution someone in advance than try to solve a problem after it occurs.

The Minister had words of praise for the work carried out by the Malta Road Safety Council and Transport Malta to ensure safe roads throughout the year as well as for this particular initiative. The Minister said that disposable breathalysers are being distributed for free by means of this campaign and they will also become available, free of charge, from Transport Malta. He also encouraged the use of the diverse means of transport available including public transport, taxis, other chauffeur-driven cars, and organised collective transport such as minibuses.

Minister Borg concluded by wishing everyone a happy festive season and advising them to celebrate responsibly.

Several people in Valletta committed themselves to these nine pledges.