Transport Malta Seismic investigation for Malta – Gozo tunnel


The University of Malta has this morning started the first of a series of seismic investigations, commissioned by Transport Malta, in the channels between Malta and Gozo. The investigations are part of the studies commissioned to eventually determine the feasibility of a tunnel between Malta and Gozo. The investigations will help establish a geological model of the area that will guide the conceptual design of the proposed tunnel between the islands.

The vessel Midas Express is navigating back and forth, in the area indicated, towing a 300m long streamer behind it.  Air compressors on board will release compressed air that will bounce off the seabed.  Receptors along the streamer will register the change in pressure while instrumentation will record the data on board.  Italian experts and University of Malta researchers will be monitoring the data as it is collected.  


Transport Malta issued a Notice to Mariners asking the latter to navigate with caution within the area, give wide berth and observe a 1 kilometre restricted zone around the vessel.  The Midas Express’ ability to

manoeuvre will be restricted. These seismic investigations are expected to be completed by the end of next week when the detailed planning will start on the next set of investigations.



The Midas Express is also in continual contact with the Gozo Channel ferries to avoid any disturbance to their service.