Transport Malta vigilant and closely monitoring launch of new Tallinja Bus Card system


Transport Malta vigilant and closely monitoring launch of new Tallinja Bus Card system

Transport Malta has been closely monitoring today’s launch of the new Tallinja Card system. The Authority is aware of numerous reports on operational issues faced by commuters particularly in Valletta.

The change to a new bus card system is in itself a culture change that will bring about significant benefits to the people and the public transport operation itself. It is aimed at reducing waiting time, improve passenger boarding whilst enhancing data collection that can be used to improve the system. Transport Malta is satisfied that circa 140,000 actively responded to this significant change, and enrolled for the Tallinja Card issued by the Public Transport Operator. This contrasts significantly with the 20,000 card users under the previous system.

Transport Malta is sensitive and aware that such an overwhelming change brought about a number of challenges that need to be addressed immediately by the Operator to ensure improvement in the service. It is also aware of the huge number of late applications for Tallinja Card over the last few days. In fact, over the last 24 hours, circa 7,500 people appled for tallinja card.

The Operator has been asked to deploy more customer care officers primarily in Valletta to provide assistance in Topping Up of Tallinja cards and answer general queries. TM has also asked the Operator to speed up the processing of the new Tallinja applications to ensure these are received by respective applicants in the shortest time possible.

Transport Malta will continue to be vigilant and monitor the situation relentlessly and is confident that the desired objectives of the off-the-bus ticketing system can be achieved.

Transport Malta deplores without any reservation the incident involving the Hungarian citizen in Valletta this morning and appeals to the general public to avoid confrontation. It also appeals to the general public to use online tools available for topping up and for the application of the Tallinja card in order to avoid queuing and congestion at the points of sale, primarily in Valletta.