Tidal Lanes

Transport Malta is pleased with the tidal lane in Paola and is planning similar systems for other roads.

Transport Malta has been monitoring the tidal lane in Sir Paul Boffa Avenue for the past two weeks.  Traffic queues, that dragged until Paola Square and Għajn Dwieli before, have been considerably diminished.  Regular commuters in the area are familiar with the system are using it effectively.  

The tidal lane in Paola maximises the capacity of the road. One lane, of the four-lane-road, changes direction according to traffic flow.  Bollards rise on one end of the lane and go down on the other, at 14:00 and at 21:00, to change the direction of the lane. Sir Paul Boffa Avenue has three lanes towards Valletta in the morning and two lanes towards Paola in the evening.  Transport Malta will change the transition times in summer to cater for the season’s working hours.

Transport Malta will implement further tidal lanes in the future.  The Authority is currently designing one in Żebbuġ and exploring other possible sites.