Valletta Port Security Exercise

Transport Malta organised an exercise to test the response capabilities should a suspicious vessel attempt to enter the port without advice.

The exercise helped test the standard operating procedures in such eventualities.

A suspicious vessel, the MV Sea Salvor headed in the direction of Valletta Port without prior advice.  Transport Malta’s vessel traffic service (VTS) called the vessel repeatedly but no response was forthcoming.  The VTS alerted the Armed Forces of Malta, the Port Security officer and the Harbour Master. An AFM RHIB departed base and intercepted the Sea Salvor.  Once again the vessel did not respond leaving no option for the army but to dispatch a helicopter with a fast rope boarding party on board.

The soldiers boarded the vessel and took over.  They searched for a stowaway and eventually found him.  The stowaway was injured and soldiers had to medically evacuate him.    

Transport Malta officials boarded the vessel to check documentation and the vessel’s integrity.  The vessel was finally escorted to Boiler Wharf.