Resurfacing in St. Paul\’s Bay


Road Maintenance in Triq San Pawl, St Paul’s Bay

Transport Malta will carry out maintenance work in Triq San Pawl, St. Paul’s Bay.

The road will be closed to traffic at night between 19:00hrs and 05:00hrs.  Works will be carried out between today and Wednesday 18 November.

If possible avoid the area during these times.  Drivers are to follow the signs and instructions by officials on site.

Any inconvenience is regretted.

Greening the Environment


Greening the Environment Initiatives Awarded

The Port-PVEV Project, an EU funded project demonstrating energy efficiency in port areas and candidate for the GREENING THE ISLANDS AWARDS won the award for the best sustainable transport measure.  The Port PVEV Project was led by Transport Malta and partnered by the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, the Port Authority of Catania, the Municipality of Caltanissetta and the Port of Gela.

The award ceremony was part of a three day international conference entitled Greening the Islands with the participation of a number of small islands in the Mediterranean and beyond. The conference which started last Wednesday, incorporated in it Malta’s Second Electromobility Conference entitled The Air We Share which was also addressed by Hon Minister Joe Mizzi and Hon Minister Leo Brincat. Besides sustainable mobility and climate change issues, the conference is also discussing issues relating to energy and water and brings to the table problems and solutions that are shared by those attending the conference.

The Greening the Islands Award Ceremony included in it an Award Ceremony for those local Councils who last year  participated in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans Competition organised by Transport Malta, MEPA, the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure and the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change.

Valletta has received a € 50,000 grant to implement VATIS, a project which aims to supply commuters with real time information on transport access to and from, and within the city through a mobile APP to be developed by Valletta through the project.

The Local Councils of Cospicua, Paola and Qormi have also been awarded € 10,000 each to be used in purchasing an electric vehicle to support day-to-day duties of the local council while maintaining a low carbon footprint.

Cospicua and St Paul’s Bay Local Councils have been announced as the winners (first and second places respectively) for the 2015 edition of the SUMP Competition. Cospicua has won €50,000 for their proposal to deploy electric vehicles and use them to extend a pilot which offers electric cab taxi services to its residents.  The Council proposes to extend the service to the three surrounding cities of Birgu, Isla and Kalkara as well as improve connections from the ferry landing sites to the city centre. 

St Paul’s Bay Local Council will in turn receive € 30,000 for the proposal to install charging infrastructure dedicated to electric bicycles and motorcycles, as well as information and awareness raising with residents on the advantages of this mode of transport.

Vittoriosa Local Council’s efforts to pedestrianise its city core and thus reduce traffic from the urban centre have been acknowledged.  The Local Council has been awarded the Best Sustainable Transport Measure Award which comes in the form of a € 10,000 grant.

These grants have been made available by the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, MEPA and Transport Malta as part of European Mobility Week Malta events.

Between the 26th October and 1st November further events aimed at promoting sustainable mobility are being held in various localities around Malta and Gozo.

Between the 26th and 30th October, Bormla Local Council will be offering free electric taxi services from all parts of Bormla to the city centre.

On 30th October, Għarb Local Council (Gozo) is hosting a workshop on cycling safety and other activities at the main square which shall be pedestrianised for the day.

On 31st October, Għaqda Mużikali Madonna tal-Ġilju will be hosting a workshop on cycling safety, a rodeo for children, an Electric Vehicles Exhibition and other activities at the Mqabba main square which will be closed for traffic for the day.

On 1st November, Birgu Local Council shall host several activities at the city core which will be entirely closed for traffic on the day. Activities include walking tours and electric vehicle tours around Birgu’s historical centre, electric cars and antique bicycles exhibitions, dghajsa tal-pass transport from Birgu to Valletta and Isla will be offered on discounted prices on the day.

Credit goes to the Local Councils of Birgu, Bormla and Għarb andthe Għaqda Madonna tal-Ġilju (Mqabba) for their collaboration.

All the above mentioned events are being held as part of the ‘Do The Right Mix’ Campaign a joint initiative in conjunction with European Mobility Week being promoted by the European Commission to promote urban sustainable mobility.

Maintenance of Xemxija Hill St. Paul\’s Bay


Road Maintenance in Triq Telgħet ix-Xemxija

Transport Malta will be maintaining parts of Telghet ix-Xemxija, San Pawl il-Baħar, tonight and tomorrow. The works will be carried out between 19:30hrs and 06:00 on both days.

Parking will not be permitted along the stretch of road where road works will be carried out.  The road will not be closed and traffic can proceed through in both directions.

Transport Malta however encourages drivers to use alternative routes to avoid unnecessary delays.

Final Phase of works in Triq Toni Bajada St. Paul\’s Bay


Maintenance work in Triq Toni Bajada St. Paul’s Bay

Transport Malta notifies that resurfacing works in Triq Toni Bajada St. Paul’s Bay are in their final stage. In view of this, the road will be closed to vehicular traffic between Wednesday 8th April 2015 at 19:00hrs and Thursday 9th April 2015 early morning.

All vehicular traffic coming from Triq il-Mosta to Dawret il-Gżejjer will be diverted onto Triq il-Knisja.  All vehicular traffic coming from Triq Buġibba will be diverted onto Triq Bordino, onto Triq Aristarkus, ontoTriq il-Villeġġjatura and onto Triq il-Mosta.

Public Transport:

Bus route 12 coming from Sliema towards Buġibba will be diverted at the traffic lights of Kennedy Grove onto Triq il- Pijunieri, onto Triq Ġulju, onto Triq Sant’Antnin and onto Triq il-Plajja ta’ Bognor as per route 31.

Bus route 45 coming from Burmarrad towards Buġibba will be diverted at  the roundabout of Burmarrad, proceed towards the traffic lights, onto Triq Pijunieri, onto Triq Ġulju, onto Triq Sant’Antnin and onto Triq il-Plajja ta’ Bognor as per route 31.

There are no diversions for the return journey.

Any inconvenience is regretted.

Power Boat Races in St. Paul\’s Bay this weekend.

The Ports and Yachting Directorate of Transport Malta notifies mariners that boat races will be held in St. Paul\’s Bay on Saturday 28th March and Sunday 29th March, weather permitting.

The races will be held between 08:00 and 18:00 local time.

Mariners are instructed not to cross the course during the mentioned dates and times.  They are indicated to give the course a wide berth.  Navigation within St. Paul\’s Bay will be restricted during the race.  Mariners are to follow instructions given by Valletta VTS (Valletta Port Control) and support safety craft in the area.

Structure next to St. Paul\’s Islands


The Ports and Yachting Directorate, Transport Malta notifies Mariners that four yellow flashing buoys have been placed in positions A, B, C and D listed below, also a floating line with floats will be placed joining the buoys as shown on the embedded map.

Point Latitude (N) Longitude (E)
A 035° 57’.722 014°24’.037
B 035° 57’.720 014°24’.070
C 035° 57’.693 014°24’.073
D 035° 57’.698 014°24’.041

Mariners are instructed to navigate with caution and slow speed when in the vicinity.