Transport Malta offers University Students Valuable Experiences

Transport Malta and the University of Malta, through its DegreePlus and Knowledge Transfer Office, have formally launched a number of placements and internships which will permit University students from various disciplines and courses to experience at first hand the professional and high level technical work that is carried out at Transport Malta.

These placements range from those for students with a science background who are intending to become transport planners, engineers and GIS (geographic information system) specialists to ones for students studying law who may wish to pursue a career in one of Malta’s leading public authorities.   By offering these placements and internships, Transport Malta is facilitating the University of Malta’s effort to help improve students’ employability, by giving them valuable work experience and an opportunity for developing critical skills, while at the same time attracting valuable prospective employees.  The internship experience will be recognised through the University’s DegreePlus programme and will be looked upon favourably on CVs submitted to Transport Malta when vacancies arise. 

Both the University’s Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) and DegreePlus were instrumental in establishing this cooperation with Transport Malta. KTO works to establish industry-academia collaboration, so current students may take up internships that facilitate their eventual transition from study to work. DegreePlus is the University entity which offers an exciting and diverse range of opportunities to help students broaden their academic and non-academic horizons. Apart from work placements, the areas covered by DegreePlus include Voluntary Work, Entrepreneurship, Sport, Culture and Heritage, Languages, Music, Creative and Performing Arts. All this ensures that University graduates receive a more rounded tertiary education which will permit them to function better in society.

Students can find all the information and apply for the work placement through the University of Malta placements website ( or the mobile app TM Careers.  This app, available for Android and IOS devices, was launched recently by Transport Malta as part of its recruitment effort, and lists careers, placements and vacancies available within TM. It is especially useful for students as it permits them to ask career-related questions and notifies them whenever a vacancy arises.   Transport Malta will also be showcasing career and placement opportunities during the three days of the KSU Careers Expo, starting tomorrow at the University.  Personnel from TM will talk to students and shed light on the possibility of careers which are too often overlooked.  

Transport Malta’s Chairman and CEO, Mr James Piscopo said, “Transport Malta is committed to continuously augment the strength of its work force, invest in new talent and develop its capability in meeting objectives.  Well-trained personnel are an invaluable asset for any organisation, more so for an entity like Transport Malta that faces new challenges every day. Our collaboration with the University of Malta helps us bring in new talent, energy and ideas”.

University of Malta Rector, Professor Alfred J. Vella said these internships afforded a valued holistic experience to students, complementing their studies with the navigation around practical and every day issues that the working world offers. By working together, the University and TM have been able to design a number of tailor-made placements which keep the student’s best interest in mind and at the same time help TM recruit the skilled people it needs. This is a win-win situation, for TM, the University and its students. It is hoped that other entities and employers will come forward with new placements.

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