Skypeople from the UK sets up shop in Malta

Transport Malta has just approved Flypeople Limited, a subsidiary of the renowned Skypeople, as an organisation entitled to provide the attestation of initial cabin crew training. Skypeople is the leading independent provider of cabin crew training and boasts clients like British Airways and most major cariers.

Aspiring cabin crew members can now get the Initial Cabin Crew Training Attestation in Malta, independently from an airline. The successful completion of the course will give them an edge over competitors to join any European Airline. FlyPeople is the only organisation in Malta that specialises on Cabin Crew Training.

From left to right: Mr Shaun Waddingham – Commercial Director Fly People, Ms Collette de Stowe – Head of Training/Director Fly People, Ms Rachel Grech – Head of Personnel Licensing – TM, Mr Daniel Micallef – Inspecting Officer Flight Operations / Cabin Inspector –TM, Capt Charles Pace – Director General for Civil Aviation – Malta

The course, which will be offerred once a month, includes all the generic modules that an attestation given by an airline would provide, ranging from aviation regulation, passenger handling to emergency procedures and Aero medical first aid. Once employed, the cabin crew candidates only need to complete the airline and aircraft specific training.

Potential cabin crew personnel in possession of this attestation will be in a better position to be employed by an airline. They will save the airline training money and can prove their ability to outdo the compulsary tests, further convincing the airline of their ability to complete the training successfully. In short, it makes the applicant much more employable and much better placed than non-qualified applicants.