Over 25 projects for better, safer roads

The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, through Transport Malta, carried out a number of works this summer. Other works are ongoing and more are expected to begin in the coming days and weeks.

Transport Malta worked extremely hard to continue improving the quality of our roads, to reduce the inconveniences caused by traffic before school starts, and to continue reducing the risk of accidents for road users. The works form part of a plan which will be carried out in the coming years and explained that while a number of projects may be completed immediately, others need to be done more gradually. 

  • Lija Roundabout

    The Lija junction was upgraded to help around 2,400 vehicles that go through every hour.  Vehicles coming from Mosta can now proceed directly to Birkirkara Bypass without having to stop at the roundabout.

  • Gudja Roundabout

    Gudja roundabout is an important junction for the Maltese road network; it connects the airport with the rest of the island. More than 4,000 vehicles go through each hour.  Transport Malta widened the junction to allow northbound vehicles, going out of the Kirkop tunnels, to proceed without stopping at the roundabout and the same for southbound vehicles, from Vjal l-Avjazzjoni that can now proceed towards Gudja directly.

  • Paola Roundabout

    Paola roundabout is witness to a huge load of traffic volume.  Thousands of students use the bus stop in the junction every day, with cars having to stop behind the bus for extended periods of time.  The new design will allow enough space for bus users to board the bus safely while allowing traffic to flow freely through an added lane.

  • Qormi Roundabout

    The Qormi junction is widely used by heavy vehicles due to its vicinity to a bus interchange and the adjacent industrial area.  Transport Malta will improve the efficacy of the roundabout this summer, during the first phase of four which will see road widening and re-alignment to two of the connecting roads.

  • Marsa: Ingiered Junction

    This junction was an accident black spot.  The ongoing works realign the way both roads connect, making the junction far safer for all road users.

  • Ħal Lija Mosta

    Following the works at Lija junction, the next phase is to widen Triq il-Mosta from Lija cemetery till Mosta Technopark, adding a new lane.

  • Marsa - Ħamrun Bypass

    A project estimated to cost around five million euros that will help alleviate the traffic congestion for vehicles leaving Santa Venera tunnels. The project will add a new lane to this heavily frequented carriageway.

  • Triq Buqana

    Triq Buqana, between l-Imtarfa and Mosta, will be rendered safer and will allow traffic to flow better with the addition of a new lane and realignment.  The project is expected to commence in the coming months