The National Regatta will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 31st March, at the Grand Harbour.  Transport Malta\’s Port and Yachting Directorate has issued a Notice to Mariners with the location of buoys and lines which will be placed for the said event.

Incoming vessels will not be allowed to proceed to any berth South West of a line joining Lascaris and Fort St. Angelo Flagstaff.  Small vessels in \’The Marsa\’ will not be allowed to proceed beyond the starting line after 08:00. No vessel will be allowed near the finishing line except those involved in the races.  No movements of vessels will be allowed inside Grand Harbour, except by special permission. All vessels are to keep a minimum distance of 5m away from the lines, floats and Ras Ħanżir.

Ropes and floats may cause a physical obstruction and hence extreme caution is warranted.  Mariners are to comply with any instructions issued by Transport Malta, the Police and Armed Forces of Malta patrolling the area and by Valletta VTS (Valletta Port Control).