Record year for aviation registry

\"Sukhoi\"Transport Malta’s Aviation Registry has continued to achieve a steady growth with a record of 61 aircraft registered in 2015.  The same year also saw a total of 6 new operators being certified as well as a substantial increase in the number of pilot and engineer licences issued.

With a register totalling 213 aircraft and 28 operators, the Maltese aviation registry is establishing itself.  More significantly, the register includes a large number of commercial aircraft and business jets when compared to light aircraft.  Amongst others, the Authority has registered two Airbus A340 and a Sukhoi Superjet 100, the latter being the first ever model of its type to be registered in the European Union. 

The success of the Aviation Registry is sustained by fiscal incentives including a low corporate tax regime as well as rebate on profits.  This is complemented by specialised technical personnel who are readily available, flexible and accessible.   All this has been made possible through various measures undertaken over the last year aimed at improving the level of service offered by the Civil Aviation Directorate, which included heavy investment in human resources and the relocation to newer and better-equipped premises in Luqa.  Such initiatives ensure that this Directorate has the necessary expertise and resources to ensure the highest possible service and standards so essential to the industry.