Public Transport – new improvements


Constructive meeting on Public Transport with Local Councils

The minister for Transport and Infrastructure together with Transport Malta’s Chairman, called for a meeting with all mayors to discuss public transport.  Most Local Councils were present and a constructive discussion ensued.

A representative of the operator and officials from Transport Malta were present for the meeting.  Most complaints received revolved around the punctuality of the service rather than the routes themselves.  The operator will be looking into the matter and taking steps to resolve the issues.

A number of changes in Mater Dei will be implemented in the upcoming weeks.

Very few passengers boarded at St. Luke’s hospital on Mater Dei routes.  The routes were thus unnecessarily lengthened.  The buses will no longer stop at St. Luke’s hospital.  Mater Dei Routes will be around 15 minutes faster. Instead Route 122 between Valletta and St. Luke’s hospital will have its frequency increased.

Route X1 of 06:45 will no longer go through Mellieħa centre to reduce the time it takes to reach Mater Dei hospital and University from Ċirkewwa. This follows suggestions by Gozitan students.

Transport Malta and the Mater Dei administration identified a different location for parked buses at the University interchange.  The current congestion that results in particular times will thus be reduced.

Mater Dei routes, route X1 and X2 will serve Mater Dei hospital and University.  Passengers will no longer need to change buses at the University interchange.