Person acting as a parker fined and barred from Car Park



Transport Malta is satisfied by the court’s decision that rewards the Authority and the Malta Police force’s efforts in protecting drivers in public car parks.

Magistrate Joe Mifsud fined an individual, posing as a parker in a public car park in Valletta, €500, the maximum allowed by law, and forbade him from accessing the area for a period of six months.  If the individual is caught in the area, he risks imprisonment.

The individual is not a parker and does not hold a Transport Malta tag, yet he was posing as a parker and harassing drivers into paying him money.  Transport Malta Officials asked him to leave the area countless times but he always returned to harass more drivers.  The Authority instituted two court cases against him, yet he ignored court orders and persisted in his actions.  

Transport Malta gathered further evidence on the illegal actions of this individual and instituted yet another court case which was concluded this morning.  The court sent a strong message, upholding the Authority and the Police Force’s work in reducing abuses at public parking spaces, where a few individuals opt to harass drivers into forking out money.

Transport Malta takes reports seriously and has stepped up its clamp down on parking area-related illegal activities.  In fact, the Authority will be proceeding in court against two other individuals, who have committed similar offences in other public parking areas.

Drivers can park for free in public car parks, which are clearly identified by a Transport Malta sign.  Kindly report any abuse on freephone 80072393.