Oil Spill Response


Stakeholders Discuss Training Needs to Address Oil Spill Response Capability for the Protection of Malta’s Seas

Transport Malta has joined forces with the Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket) to implement a project called “‘Oil/HNS Spill Response Capacity Building for the Protection of Malta’s Seas”. The project, costing €613,881, is being co-funded (85%) by the European Economic Area (EEA) Grants (Programme Area 7 – Adaption to Climate Change). The project aims to address oil and HNS spill response training and revise the current version of the National Marine Pollution Contingency Plan to incorporate a section on offshore drilling risks.


On Friday, as part of the project, Transport Malta together with Gorton Consultancy Ltd organized a half day workshop to discuss the various aspects of the project with the government stakeholders and relevant NGOs and presented the oil/HNS pollution response training programme as indentified by the Consultants.

This project is a continuation to the 2004-09 project “Setting up of an Oil Spill Response Capability for the Protection of Malta’s Seas.”  One of the proposals of the 2004-09 project was that Malta needs to identify and train appropriate personnel and suggested to further study the risks emanating from offshore oil drilling operations. These measures are now being implemented through this new project aimed at further strengthening Malta’s capacity to respond to oil/HNS spills. The Offshore oil drilling risks studies were completed last April and were presented to all stakeholders by Dr. Saviour Scerri.

Over the past years Transport Malta has invested heavily in training and equipment that will enable the Authority to meet their challenges and responsibilities in monitoring local waters.