More funds for scrappage scheme


Transport Malta re-opens Grant Scheme on the Purchase of New Environment-Friendly Vehicles

Following the success of the scrappage scheme launched last January 2017, the scheme has now been extended.  A further €400,000 has been allocated.

Transport Malta will be receiving further applications for the Grant which will be processed on a first come first serve basis. The initiative is aimed to encourage people to dispose of their old vehicles and to invest in new cars with lower emissions.

515 vehicles have already benefitted from the original €400,000 allocated between January and April 2017.

Vehicle owners who applied for the scheme were entitled to between €700 and €900 upon the purchase of a new M1 motor vehicle allowed to carry no more than eight passengers in addition to the driver.  Also with CO2 emissions not exceeding 130g/km, length not exceeding 4460mm and licensed for private use only whilst de-registering a vehicle in the same category.

Application for such scheme is available from Transport Malta, Vehicle Licensing Unit, A3 Towers, Paola or downloaded from

The scheme in the form of a grant to incentivise the purchase of Battery Electric Vehicles, Hybrid vehicles and Battery Electric Quadricycles is still applicable.