Memorandum of Understanding between Transport Malta and The Port System Authority of the Eastern Sicilian Sea

Earlier today Transport Malta signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Port System Authority of the Eastern Sicilian Sea. The aim of this agreement is to strengthen the relationship between both parties due to the fact that both authorities are responsible for the respective ports.

The Parties shall collaborate to provide safe, secure and efficient services and facilities, remain updated and relevant as technological opportunities and customer needs change, becoming an innovative and customer-oriented port and terminal operator safeguarding and enhancing market positioning and develop environmentally friendly initiatives in line with climate change initiatives and obligations.  The purpose of this MOU is to lay down the general framework by virtue of which both Parties shall cooperate and pool resources in the above fields.

Transport Malta Chairman and CEO, Mr. Joseph Bugeja, said that after months of discussions and work, this is a positive step towards the right direction. “With this agreement the two authorities will be enhancing their knowledge to work better in the sector”.

The MOU shall remain valid for a period of three (3) years.

Transport Malta was represented by the Chairman and CEO Mr. Joseph Bugeja, Captain David Bugeja, Mr David Sutton and Mr Ivan Sammut. The Sicilian delegation was composed by the President of the Eastern Sicily Port System – Mr Andrea Annunziata, Head of the General Affairs Office – Mr Massimo Scatà & RINA – Palermo Management System Certification Analyst – Silvia Guzzi.