Maltex 2018: Success

 National Exercise to prevent pollution at sea, Maltex 2018

Transport Malta hosted a national pollution response exercise, off Maltese shores, last week.  The scenario saw a large oil spill from a vessel following a collision with another.  The pollution response involved the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), several local and international entities.  EMSA made available new equipment from its assistance service arrangement located in Ravenna, Italy. The equipment was deployed in the Mediterranean for the first time.

The aims of the exercise were several.  Maltese responders, from various national entities and private contractors, had the opportunity to exercise for the eventuality of a real spill, testing both the communication systems, the equipment and to make sure all roles and responsibilities of the personnel listed in the National Pollution Contingency Plan will be effective during an actual response.  Transport Malta took the opportunity to test the communication systems and equipment in the newly set up Emergency Control Centre (ECC) at the Port Operation Centre in Marsa and the new equipment provided by EMSA and other owned by the Authority and private contractors.

The following participated in this exercise:

• TM Units & Departments

• Armed Forces of Malta – Maritime Squadron/Ops Room

• Civil Protection Department 

• Malta Police

• Accident & Emergency Unit, Mater Dei Hospital

• Environmental Health Department

• Environment & Resources Authority

• Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture

• European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)


• Tankship Management (EMSA chartered response vessel)

• Falzon Marine (EMSA chartered response vessel)

• Tug Malta Ltd

• Malta Maritime Pilots

• Port Logistics Operations

• Cassar Maritime Services

• OSRA Int

• Zammit Group

• Dept of Geosciences, UoM

• Partners and stakeholders of the CALYPSO SOUTH project