Malta’s Aviation Industry gears up to fight climate change

Malta’s aviation industry plans to grow  without further increasing emissions  from the year 2020 (carbon neutral growth), to contribute to the global fight against climate change.  Through the ICAO initiative CORSIA, the aviation industry is working to limit the amount of its carbon emissions to the 2020 level and will offset any further emissions over that level in the following years.

Human-generated Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is a major contributor to global warming, the climatic phenomenon that is wreaking havoc for the World’s climate, causing unprecedented extreme weather and weather-related natural disasters.  The aviation industry has agreed to a series of measures to reduce carbon dioxide and thus fight climate change in line with the aspirations of the Paris Agreement of the UNFCCC.

The initiative CORSIA stands for Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation.   It is the first ever sector-wide carbon-ofsetting programme.  Starting this year, each operator will record the amount of CO2 emissions for every international flight.  The information recorded will be verified and submitted to the Competent Authority, who will collaborate with Transport Malta to validate it and who will in turn submit to ICAO’S central registry system.  The average of the total CO2 emissions of 2018 and 2019 will provide the baseline against which the excess carbon emissions will be calculated in the following years.  This excess will then need to be offset through the use of sustainable fuels or by buying credits from the carbon market, that is, contribute to projects that actively reduce carbon emissions.

CORSIA is a market based measure and is one of a variety of measures that the International Aviation industry is implementing to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change.  ICAO actively encourages operational improvements, efficient routing, new aircraft technology and sustainable aviation fuels.

Earlier this week, Transport Malta gave an overview of the Corsia initiative during a workshop that the Malta Resources Authority organised for Airline Operators holding a Maltese licence. As an EU Member State, Maltese operators also take part in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and the workshop also updated the operators with the latest developments in the EU legislation relating to ETS and the European implementation of CORSIA