Malta – Gozo tunnel


Transport Malta and University of Malta to work together on Sub-Sea Tunnel Project

Transport Malta has signed an agreement with the University of Malta for the latter to conduct geological and geophysical investigations in conjunction with the sub-sea tunnel between Malta and Gozo. The scientific investigations will include both desktop and field studies, passive seismic measurements, bathymetric mapping, and a seismic study. 

The final results of these investigations will also incorporate the results from the recently published Investigative Coring tender. These results will in turn generate a Terrestrial Baseline study which will include geological, geomorphological and hydrogeological maps. It will also include a digital elevation model, cross-sectional profiles and hydrological models. The University of Malta will conduct a Marine Baseline study which will include a geological model of topography, stratigraphy, structure, geological, geophysical and tectonic properties of the study area.

Rector Prof Alfred Vella underlined the importance that the University uses its wide range of expertise to produce studies that can done be implemented for the benefit of society at large. The agreement attests to the strategy that the University plays a key role in projects of national importance such as the sub-sea tunnel between Malta and Gozo

Transport Malta’ Chairman, James Piscopo said that \’Transport Malta is very pleased to have the University of Malta on board for this exciting project. We look forward to collaborating together in enhancing and expanding our knowledge, whilst gaining unprecedented information that will critically help us in delivering a project that will be of social and economic benefit not only for Gozo but our Country as a whole\”

Apart from contributing extensively towards the studies on the feasibility of a Malta Gozo Tunnel, Transport Malta and the University of Malta are also confident that the collaboration will provide a broad range of knowledge and technology transfer opportunities for the two entities.