Low-Cost Alternative Transport on European Mobility Week

During European Mobility Week – 16th and 22nd September –Transport Malta has partnered with several service providers to provide the public with a week of discounted sustainable mobility. 

Offers made available between 16th and 22nd September are as follows:

  • Malta Public Transport will be offering €5 free credits on Tallinja Cards registered during the entire week;
  • First-time registrations to GoTo will be benefitting from 30 minutes of free use when signing up using the MOBILITY30 Promo Code;
  • Free 30 free minutes will be offered on all TallinjaBike trips during Mobility Week;
  • Cool rides will be discounted by €1.00 when using the promo code MOBILITYWEEK19.
  • Nextbike will be offering 60 free minutes to all new signups
  • Whizascoot will be offering a €5 bonus for all new signups.

Offers made available on Car Free Day, 22nd September:

  • Transport on Demand by Malta Public Transport will be at a total price of €1/trip on 22nd September;
  • Valletta Ferry Services will be offering discounted Adult return tickets (€2.00 instead of €2.80);
  • IoScoot trips will be offered at €0.15c/minute instead of €0.25/minute.

This event is held in conjunction with the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS Project and European Mobility Week 2019