L-Għanja tal-Poplu

Transport Malta teamed up with the Festival l-Għanja tal-Poplu to promote greener means of Transport. 

The opening sequence of the Festival showed Owen, one of the presenters pick up Kim, the other presenter, from her home, in a classic red Ford Mustang.  Kim, however, was unimpressed and opted to go to the Festival in a totally electric quadricycle. 

Owen was of course very disappointed and believing in the raw power of his vehicle made a challenge to the singers, who were all on their way to the festival.  On a common group chat, he quipped that whoever comes last would pay for a pizza.

All other singers stayed away from the traditional car, using greener means of transport, ranging from an electric car to an electric scooter to bikes and good old walking.  They used the ferry service, the Barrakka lift and the various internal transport services Valletta provides.

Owen, in his mustang, got stuck behind a rookie driver and had serious trouble finding a  parking spot.  He ended up arriving late, having to pay for the pizza and a contravention.

Transport Malta would like to thank the singers, presenters and organisers of the Festival l-Għanja tal-Poplu for their commitment to promote greener means of Transport.