Kappara September Update

This is what we have been up to, till september.\"The
The video starts with the demolition of The Cottage. The latter was a restaurant that had become a landmark for the area. The restaurant had to make way for the new Kappara design. The land it occupied will be used to widen the existing road and for a slip way.


The contractor raised most of the retaining walls on the National Pool side. A local factory manufactures the pre-cast walls. Trailers take the walls on site and a crane lowers them into their final position.


Works have progressed mostly in the area close to the bridge of Wied Għollieqa. The retaining walls have reached the existing street level and the contractor is filling the gap in between with material to form the slipway and the new road.


The contractor built a series of service ducts throughout. The ducts will house electricity cables and other services. Personnel will be able to access the service ducts without digging up the road.