The Kappara project was officially inaugurated on Thursday 25th January 2018

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat stated that the Government showed that high-level projects like those of Kappara can commence and be completed within set timelines and budgets.

The Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects said that this project is built on a design that started paving the way for an ongoing revolution in this country’s infrastructure planning, a plan that was not only designed to address the traffic challenge, but also the safety of road users.

The work performed on this site will amount to 3.5 million euros saved in waiting time, €1.1 million saved by avoiding road accidents and 100,000 saved litres of fuel.

The project not only addressed the needs of road users but also those of residents, where for the first time, Transport Malta installed sound barrier walls, improving the inhabitants’ quality of life.

The project inspired various extensions that were not part of the original plan, among which the improvement and widening of the University tunnel, the building of a wall adjacent to the villas for added safety, the tunnel in Wied Għollieqa and the underpass in Triq Reggie Miller.

The minister said that even though these were not part of the original plan, the ministry felt the need to address problems faced within these sites, while completing the works on the Kappara Project, despite the huge load of work.  This is part of the system being employed of continuous evaluation of our roads.

Ian Borg thanked Transport Malta’s chairman James Piscopo, the Project Leader Antoinette Conti, Transport Malta, the contractors and all those involved.