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This year’s theme for Science in the City is SCIENCE IS CULTURE. This means that Transport Malta will be where it belongs because Transport is Science and Transport is Culture. Transport is Science because the vast majority of jobs/CAREERS in transport starts with science subjects. We will be at Science in the City to continue our campaign in informing the general public of these opportunities and assist the younger generations in identifying their career paths. People need to identify themselves with something tangible and through the launch of #innovatemobility we are trying to instigate a discussion on social networks about transport in the future and the prospects people see in transport.

Transport is also culture because it impacts people’s lives not only from the jobs’ perspective but also from the commuting side and the various commuting methods. The objective is to gauge values that people attach to jobs in transport, to greener transport, to safer transport, to the use of technology in reducing travelling time and so on.

So we are trying to generate interest in the general public to come and visit us at our Stand in the Science in the City where they can participate in our awareness/information campaign and debate in the social  media and take a photo that can be tagged and uploaded on social media.