Transport Malta launched, Immaġina, the third video in a series to promote better behaviour on our roads.

The video shows Roger, driving his car on his daily commute.  He reflects on what he sees on the road, as he drives to work, and envisions two scenarios.  In the first, no one heeds the rules and all do as they please, in the other everyone follows the rules and behaves in an exemplary way. 

“Thousands use our roads every day.  Some by bus, with the bike, on foot, most with their private car.  Malta is small and the roads are limited.  We have to share the limited space we have with several thousand.  Every single one of us has a choice.

We can be selfish, ignore the rules, do whatever we want without any regard to anyone.  Imagine everyone stopping in the middle of the road to go shopping, imagine no one uses their indicator and no one lets you through.  Imagine no one cares whether you get to work on time, whether they cause an accident or if the person who gets hurt is your brother, mother or daughter.

Imagine instead if everyone follows the rules, if everyone regards the others, if everyone respects each other on the road.  Imagine we don’t arrive late because of selfishness, imagine we don’t have stupid accidents.  Imagine.

To start living this dream instead of just imagining it depends on you as well. Thank you!”

Unfortunately too many behave egoistically on our roads.  If they need to get something from a shop, they double park, even if that means closing off part of a lane causing disruptions for fellow drivers.  Several drivers don’t bother switching on their indicators, posing unnecessary risks to fellow drivers, park on bus stops or drive recklessly.

The video tries to instil a further sense of responsibility on our drivers, making them aware of situations they might inadvertently cause through their actions.   The film hopes to make them realise that they might be on the receiving end of irresponsible actions one day and thus they should not do unto others what they do not want others to do unto them.