Helping our farmers

Rural Roads Project

Transport Malta improved 73 rural roads in 29 localities to help a multitude of farmers.

The project increased and improved accessibility of agricultural holdings for farmers.  Transport Malta  upgraded existing farm access roads and passageways.  Better access means development of agriculture, better management of farm utilisation and efficiency.

Transport Malta improved 36,850m of road with a total of 2,8451 square metres of  asphalt, 3,760 cubic metres of concrete and  37,586 square metres of reinforcement mesh. 

Each road has a Type 1 subbase levelling to achieve a surface of even thickness. Mechanical excavators cleaned up the area before the works started.  Planar excavators reduced the levels while spreaders and compactors finished off the job. All material was tested throughout the whole process.


Transport Malta included Water Services Corporation SC works by laying mains beneath the roads being surfaced, following extensive planning with the corporation. Water Services engaged officers specifically on the project.  The corporation invested and extra €700,000 on these works.