Have a safe ride home

Three initiatives targeting our youths in favour of more responsibility on our roads and against drink driving

Today, the Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects announced that Transport Malta together with the Malta Road Safety Council will be implementing three initiatives in favour of more responsibility whilst driving, particularly against drink driving.  These initiatives will be targeting the youths.

The Minister said that the accidents that happen on our roads, both fatal and non-fatal, have a profound effect on each one of us and for sure in such circumstances, our thoughts go immediately to the families of the victim and the victim himself.  And this is why the cry in favour of added responsibility whilst driving should never stop, said the Minister.

Mr.Pierre Vella, Executive Chairman of the Malta Road Safety Council explained that during the summer season, normally one has the opportunity to attend more social events leading to an increase in alcohol consumption and it is precisely for this reason that the importance of such initiatives gains more prominence.  Mr Vella explained how the campaign “Enjoy Summer, have a safe ride home” will be concentrating on recreational places, in particular, one in Ta’ Qali.  A car involved in a traffic accident has been placed at the entrance of the establishment so that any youths going in and out of the premises will be exposed to this unsightly scene.  This aims to remind the individuals that driving under the effect of alcohol is not an option.  The authorities will also be handing out free disposable breathalysers so that whoever can check their alcohol level and decide accordingly which option to choose to return home.  “Enjoy Summer, have a safe ride home” will also be using social media in order to convey the message to a wider audience.

Mr.Vella explained that this year, as last year, the authorities will also be participating in the popular event “Unite with TomorrowLand”, using the slogan “Unite for Safer Roads”.  In this case, they will be encouraging those attending to write messages in favour of more responsibility on our roads on boards with the slogan.  Photos of these persons will then be taken and will be uploaded on the website of Transport Malta.  The Authorities will also be distributing disposable breathalysers during this event.

Lastly, the driving schools and instructors will also be participating in the third initiative whereby the latter will be distributing the disposable breathalysers to those who would be taking up the driving lessons.  This initiative will aim to instil education from the initial experiences that these future drivers have with the vehicles.

The Minister thanked Transport Malta and the Malta Road Safety Council for the work that they are delivering on this aspect.  He reminded those present that these entities are continuously working on educational campaigns on this aspect, as well as with the different initiatives as those launched today and the one launched during the month of June in favour of more responsibility whilst driving on our seas.  Minister Borg also said that Transport Malta is also working on an enforcement level, where during the last years, the enforcement team has been strengthened.  The enforcement section together with the police and the local wardens all play an important role in the traffic management scenario and also as educators.

Minister Ian Borg concluded by saying, “I look forward to seeing that these initiatives together with the holistic approach that we are taking to educate all users of our roads, start giving their fruit.  I believe that if we keep on repeating the same message and if we keep on working towards more responsibility on our roads, the message will get through.  I appeal to youths to think well and to take responsible decisions – there is always a better choice and this choice will help you safeguard your life and those of others.”