Grant for upgrading of Electric Vehicles Service Garages

The Government in conjunction with Transport Malta is launching a grant scheme to incentivise the Upgrading of Electric Vehicle Service Garages established by Importers and Vehicle Leasing Operators (in possession of at least ten electric vehicles as part of their fleet).

This scheme is another incentive towards the provision of support services and financial assistance to promote the introduction of new Full Electric Vehicles and Plug-In Electric Vehicles in the Maltese Islands, for the Upgrading of facilities of Electric Vehicle Service Garages, established within EV Car Importers’ facilities and Vehicle Leasing Operators. The scheme will thus target as eligible beneficiaries, commercial undertakings and apart from the upgrading of said garages, it is also open to staff training and re-training. Details of the Scheme below.

The grant will amount to a maximum of €25,000 per Applicant. The scheme comes into effect on the 1st of January 2018 and applications will close on 31st December 2018 or once the funds are exhausted. The refunds will be disbursed up till the 31st December 2018.

The conditions binding Applicants to this grant are listed in the attached documents. ( Grant in details Article 2.2).