Two trailers left the former site of the Malta Ship Building at around half eight yesterday evening.  Police and Transport Malta officers on motor bikes cordoned off the road so the trailer and the convoy of support vehicles could travel on the right hand side carriageway.  Throughout the entire road to Kappara drivers skillfully maneuvered corners and tight angles with their huge payload, two steel girders that will form the base of the Kappara bridge deck.  A little less than three hours later the trailer and the convoy arrived on site.

A crane lowered the girders on the piers and workers welded them in place.  The size of the structures turned this into a laborious, time consuming operation, but the professional personnel managed to pull it off.

Tonight the same operation will be repeated with another two girders.  Personnel are expected to put in place eight steel girders, for the carriageway that will take vehicles from St. Julian’s towards Msida, by Sunday night.  They will then place the remaining eight girders for the opposite carriageway at a later stage.