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Changes to the Route Network

Q: When will these Route Changes come into effect?
A: These changes have come into effect as of the 22nd November 2015.

Q: Why haven’t the changes to the network been introduced altogether?
A: Changes are being introduced into two batches in order to give time to changes introduced to settle down before introducing the next batch of changes. Therefore the travelling public will have time to assimilate these changes.

Q: Are there going to be other changes to the network?
A: There will be other changes coming into place by the end of this year.

Q: When will the routes affecting “my” locality come into place?
A: These are the first batch of changes. These changes have/ will have an effect on 27 different localities. The final changes are expected to be introduced by the end of this year.

Q: Why has route 55 been removed from service?
A: Balzan is now without a Public Transport Service A Route 54 has been modified in a way to give a connection between Lija, Attard and Balzan. With this modification residents of Balzan now have direct service to Valletta on Sundays and Public Holidays. This besides an improvement in frequency (from 6Omin to 3Omin).

Q: Will routes 35, 37 and 38 still be serving the area of St. Margerita in Mosta?
A: For the time being these routes will continue serving the area of St. Margerita. However once the next batch of routes will be introduced, these routes will no longer be serving the hamlet of Santa Margerita. This Hamlet is now being served by route 47.

Q: With these changes will we be getting a direct connection to St. Luke’s Hospital (Junior College) from Mosta/ Lija/ B’Kara/ Santa Venera/ Fleur De Lys?
A: Route 47 will be offering a direct connection to St. Luke’s Hospital (& Junior College) from these localities.

Q: Route 61 is being extended to Kandlora area in Zebbug. Does this mean that my journey time will increase?
A: No if you are starting or ending the journey from the centre of Zebbug. The route will proceed as it is today (up to the village square) and then go to the Kandlora area. Therefore journey time will not be increased.

Q: Will the area of San Gwann T’Ghuxa get a two way service (unlike today)?
A: Yes Route 2 has been modified in a way in order to give the area of San Gwann T’Ghuxa a two way service to and from Valletta.

Q: I would like to make further suggestions to the make the route even better than today.
A: Before further route modifications take place the whole network needs to be introduced. Following this there will be a period of time where we will allow the routes to settle down. Once this “settling” down period is over we will be reviewing the network once again in order to be able to tweak the network if so required.

Q: Routes X5 and X7 how can I travel to Valletta from Gudja/Ghaxaq?
A: Routes X5 and X7 are being replaced with a new route. This route will bear the number 88. In Valletta this route will be located on Bay 9 of the existing bus terminus.

Q: Will I have a connection from Gudja/Ghaxaq to Paola?
A: The new route 88 (which will be replacing routes X5 and X7) will give a direct connection between Gudja/Ghaxaq to Paola.

Q: Trips from Birzebbugia are always full up especially during peak hours. A Will there be any changes to help the situation?
A: The frequency on route 82 during peak hours is being increased to a trip every 15 min rather that every 2Omin during peak hours. Besides this a new route is being introduced, bearing the number 80 (operating hourly) which will connect Birzebbugia to Valletta via Santa Lucija. Thus Birzebbugia will during peak hours experience an increase of 2 trips hourly to Valletta.

Q: The area of Tas-Silg in M’Xlokk up to now, does not have a service. Will these changes address this?
A: Yes Route 81 is being modified to include Tas-Silg area.

Q: The locality of Zejtun does not have any connection to Paola/ Tarxien. Will these changes address this?
A: Yes, route 84 is being modified in order to give Żejtun a connection to Paola/ Tarxien.

Q: Shortage of capacity is felt on the B’Kara (Stazzjon), Fleur De Lys, St. Venera and Hamrun Corridor. How will these changes be addressing this?
A: This corridor is being augmented with the introduction of a new route with number 58 which has a frequency of 20 min. (that is 3 trips an hour).

Q: Currently residents of Buskett do not have a direct service to Valletta. Will these changes to the network be addressing this?
A: The new route, with number 56, will be giving a direct connection to residents of Buskett to Dingli, Rabat and on to Valletta.

Q: San Duminku area in Rabat is not very accessible by the public transport service. How will this change?
Routes 51 and 52 are being modified in order to give a direct access to and from the Area of San Duminku in Rabat.

Q: The areas of Tal-Blat II and Triq Valletta in Qormi are today not connected by Public Transport.
A: With the network changes that will come in place on the 22nd November 2015 this issue is being addressed. In fact a new route is being introduced giving public transport service to these areas in Qormi.

Q: I work in Smart City. Will there be any bus route that will start to access this area?
A: Yes Route 3 is being extended to include Smart City and Sant ir-Roccu in Kalkara.

Q: The centre of Birgu is not served with public transport. Will there be any changes to the network in order to address this?
Yes, a new route bearing route number 4 will be addressing this.

Q: With the rerouting of route 1 from Isla I can no longer stop on Dwieli Bus Stop (serving MCAST).
A: Although route 1 has been modified and it will no longer serve Dwieli Bus Stop, route 213 from and to Isla still gives the same connection.

Q: With the removal of routes X5 and X7 we have lost the connection to Saint Vincent De Paul from Gudja/ Ghaxaq.
A: Route 135 will still provide the connection to Sant Vincent De Paul from Gudja and Ghaxaq.

Q: The locality of Fgura suffers from capacity issues, especially during peak times. How will these changes be addressing this?
A: The number of trips that go through Fgura, especially during the peak hours are being augmented. Changes will see:

  • The introduction of a new route that operates during peak hours and which starts its journey from Zabbar;
  • Route 94, which today operates with a frequency of 30min. will see its frequency increased to 2Ominutes (that is 3 trips/ hr instead of 2);
  • Route 1 is being modified and will be passing through the area known as Valperga in Fgura and therefore adding additional capacity to this corridor.

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