European Mobility Week 2016

Following the success of the 2014 and 2015 editions of the European Mobility Week, 2016 will see more activities which will be organized with the aim to give even more visibility to the initiative on a National Scale.\"12038798_461451637367073_758926679184011586_o\"


Actions will be organized as part of both the European Mobility Week which is celebrated across the 27 EU countries between the 16th and 22nd September as well as part of the ‘European Mobility Actions Label’ which is an EU-Commission-led  year-round campaign promoting sustainable mobility. 


The theme assigned for the 2016 edition is “Smart Mobility. Strong Economy” – an investment for Europe\’. The theme points out that smart planning and use of transport will save cities and residents money and support local economic growth.  A greater shift to alternative mobility modes will help to relieve the negative impacts of personal vehicles. Public funds can be spent on improving transport rather than solving problems caused by it, and the benefits of cleaner and safer mobility can support and grow jobs in cities and neighbourhoods.


The 2016 local programme of events has been announced during a joint Ministerial Press Briefing held on 2nd June where Hon Mizzi and Hon Herrera invited local councils, NGOs and the general public to participate in the extended programme planned for this year.



i. €94,000 worth of prizes have been made available to Local Councils and NGOs to be accessed as part of two competitions in which applicants are invited to

  • organize sustainable mobility related activities during the week 16th to the 22nd September 2016;
  • Local Councils are to submit proposals for permanent measures to promote sustainable mobility and green urban spaces within their localities.

ii. A Competition open to all architects has been launched where designs featuring innovative, sustainable urban spaces and mobility solutions in specific localities will be received;

iii. National Car Free Day 2016 has been announced for 18th September 2016 whereby St Anne Street will host:

  • National Triathlon Competition in and around the Marsamxett harbour area;
  • Athletics Events;
  • Educational and Hobby Activities for Children in conjunction with Skolasajf;
  • Cultural Walking Tours in and around Floriana and Valletta.

iv. 3rd National Bike Ride to be held on 21st September 2016;

v. On World Car Free Day (22nd September) the Valletta Local Council will be enforcing car pooling within the city of Valletta.