EUCARIS General Assembly held in Malta

The general assembly, the highest organ of EUCARIS, the EUropean CAR and driving license Information System, is meeting in Malta.  Representatives from the vehicle and driving licence registration Authorities of 28 countries in Europe met over a period of two days. The general assembly set a new record with the number of countries participating. 

EUCARIS is a system that connects countries so they can share the vehicle and driving licence information and other transport related data. It is an exchange mechanism that connects the Vehicle and Driving Licence Registration Authorities in Europe to support the fight against car theft, forged driving licences and odometer fraud.

Hon. Ian Borg, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects closed the first session of the meeting.  In his address, the minister emphasised the importance of international cooperation in order to enable member state countries to share experiences, knowledge and information.  Minister Borg highlighted the ever changing transport landscape in Malta, which the Government is committed to re-define.  “Transport must be efficient and reliable, exploiting the concentration of trips and distributing the pressure on the network to even it out as much as possible. Transport must be a contributor, not a burden, to our quality of life. We can learn from each other, we will exchange experience and knowledge, we will make our information available and we will co-operate with exchanging information internationally”, he concluded.  

Joseph Bugeja, Chairman and CEO of Transport Malta made the opening address for the meeting.  He also stressed on the importance of international cooperation for the benefit of the citizens of our countries, “We recognize the EUCARIS cooperation as an important instrument to ensure traffic safety, to prevent vehicle crime and to learn from each other in doing things more effectively and efficiently”

EUCARIS offers various services including the exchange of information between countries on driver licence holders and vehicle odometer readings,  so for example, EU citizens can easily obtain and exchange the driving licence of the EU country they are residing in.  Registration checks of vehicles so that a vehicle stolen in one country cannot be registered in another and E Call, a system, which is being adopted by new cars, where in case of an accident, emergency responders are notified immediately. The system also offers the exchange of information between countries in case of a number of traffic offences or crimes, thus if a car commits a traffic contravention or a crime in one country, its country of registration will provide the necessary information for prosecution.

The meeting in Malta analysed the situation in implementing the various services in all countries, numerous developments and crucial decisions for the evolution of the information system and its administration.  Mr Detlef Marek, the Chairman of EUCARIS announced that he will not be seeking re-appointment, and the appointment of a new chairperson was also on the assembly’s agenda.