Don’t Drink and Drive

Transport Malta and the Malta Road Safety Council launched a new campaign against drink driving.  The new TV and radio advert aim to reinforce the yearly campaign spearheaded by the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate.  Transport Malta and the Malta Road Safety Council mark a new phase of the Respect on the Road campaign which commenced last September.

The new campaign revolves around a fictitious story with various factual overtones. In the television advert, Jason is celebrating the festive season with his colleagues at the office.  Meanwhile, a family of three stop with their car for an errand.  The mother steps down while the father and daughter wait in the car.

Jason takes a drink too many but decides to drive anyway.  He ends up running over the mother as she is returning to their car.

We pick up the continuation of the story from the radio advert.  Nicole, the daughter, is writing a letter to Father Christmas.  She’s asking for her mother’s recovery who lives in hospital, instead of a gift for herself. 

Most work places hold get togethers during their festive period.  Too many opt to drink and still drive.  This story is a bleak reminder of the possible consequences of drink driving.  Transport Malta and the Malta Road Safety Council reiterate the appeal for drivers not to drink and drive.