Certification of a new airline by Transport Malta

Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden front man at Transport Malta.

Cardiff Aviation Chairman Bruce Dickinson has met with Transport Malta to confirm final certification details for a new ACMI airline.

Following an announcement at the Paris Air Show of plans to establish the airline, which will be called VVB, Dickinson has met with Capt. M O\’Brien and Eng Carl Tabone of Transport Malta to sign the details for an Air Operators Certificate (AOC), which permits the new venture to operate an EASA-class airline.


Dickinson says: “Transport Malta has played a crucial role in enabling VVB to take off in fixed-wing operations. With AOC details now confirmed and our first aircraft about to be deployed, Cardiff Aviation is now moving from maintenance and training to full aviation operations.”


He adds: “The authorities in Malta have been world-class and eager to support our entrepreneurial approach to aviation. We look forward to a successful start to our operations and thank them for their support and their confidence in our new airline.”