National Bicycle Ride 2018

For the fifth consecutive year, Transport Malta organized the National Bicycle Ride on 21st September, Independence Day.  The aim of this event is to raise awareness that road users can share the road with cyclists and that every cyclist on the road is one less car in traffic. As part of the ride, five lucky participants won a cash grant to purchase a pedelec in a draw that was held after the ride. While ten participants were selected to win €100 vouchers to be spent on cycling equipment.

This initiative is part of European Mobility Week, a campaign launched annually by the European Commission to promote sustainable mobility at locality level.  Each year, the campaign is held between the 16th and 22nd September.  Activities to promote sustainable transport are held every day throughout the week with the peak being the 22nd where Europe joins the rest of the world to celebrate World Car Free Day.  On the day, people all over the world are encouraged, for just one day, to make use of alternative means of transport to get to their destinations. 

Malta joined the festivities this year and the focus of the event took place at the Strand Sliema.  Other events were held throughout the entire week including in Mqabba, Ħad-Dingli, Għarb, Ħal Safi, St Paul’s Bay and Ħaż-Żebbug.

Maltex 2018

A National Exercise to prevent pollution at sea, Maltex 2018

Transport Malta will be hosting a national pollution response exercise, off Maltese shores, tomorrow.  The scenario purports a large oil spill from a vessel following a collision with another.  The pollution response will involve the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), several local and international entities.  EMSA has made available new equipment from its assistance service arrangement located in Ravenna, Italy.  EMSA has never used this set during a real spill; this exercise will provide a very good opportunity for the operators to get familiar with this equipment and test its deployment at sea.

EMSA have made available new equipment from Ravenna in Italy, which equipment has never been used during a real spill.  The participants in this exercise will thus be testing its deployment at sea. 

As part of the exercise, at 12:50  today, Malta requested international assistance through the EU’s Common Emergency Communication Information System (CECIS).  All stakeholders and participants were notified to put their resources on standby.  

Weather permitting, the actual response at sea will then commence tomorrow at 08:00, where vessels will be deployed at sea to simulate the oil spill.  The scenario will take into account simulated weather conditions with the potential of an escalation.  The information to the participants will be provided as the exercise unfolds.

The aims of the exercise are several.  Maltese responders, from various national entities and private contractors will get the opportunity to exercise for the eventuality of a real spill, testing both the communication systems, the equipment and to make sure all roles and responsibilities of the personnel listed in the National Pollution Contingency Plan will be effective during an actual response.  Transport Malta will also take the opportunity to test the communication systems and equipment in the newly set up Emergency Control Centre (ECC) at the Port Operation Centre in Marsa and the new equipment provided by EMSA and other owned by the Authority and private contractors.

Following an analysis of the decisions and actions taken, the exercise will help provide guidance about the best practice and procedures to be implemented in future scenarios.  The exercise will also help give an insight into the effectiveness of the coordination between different teams during an emergency.  Transport Malta will present a report to EMSA during the third week of October.

The following are participating in this exercise: 

• TM Units & Departments

• Armed Forces of Malta – Maritime Squadron/Ops Room

• Civil Protection Department 

• Malta Police

• Accident & Emergency Unit, Mater Dei Hospital

• Environmental Health Department

• Environment & Resources Authority

• Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture

• European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)


• Tankship Management (EMSA chartered response vessel)

• Falzon Marine (EMSA chartered response vessel)

• Tug Malta Ltd

• Malta Maritime Pilots

• Port Logistics Operations

• Cassar Maritime Services

• OSRA Int

• Zammit Group

• Dept of Geosciences, UoM

• Partners and stakeholders of the CALYPSO SOUTH project

TM Careers

TM Careers is an app that provides a valuable insight into the careers available at Transport Malta. Each profile for individual careers and internship opportunity is categorised according to the following sectors: Professional/technical; Managerial/administrative; Information Technology; Economics and Statistician and Others.

Your Gateway to a career at Transport Malta

It provides a full description of the skills and competences of each career and serves as a platform to launch work placements, vacancies and any other schemes that may be available from time to time. Video clips and news feeds are uploaded to explain the context within which each career can be pursued. Details of projects undertaken and the general work environment will be displayed. 

Users can build their own CV and select the sectors they are interested in.  They will receive a notification whenever a vacancy, work placement and/or other schemes arise and when new careers are uploaded.  The app makes it easy for users to apply for job vacancies and to ask any queries they might have on the particular post.

The app will inform and answer the general queries and expectations of prospective employees of Transport Malta.  

Get inspired

Here’s a number of interviews with persons who have careers within the Transport Industry and Transport Malta, to give you an idea what such careers would entail.

Kevin Ghirxi

Head of Marine Safety Investigation

Kevin Ghirxi

Antoinette Conti

Project Leader – Kappara Project

Antoinette Conti

Mark Chapelle

Senior Manager – Merchant Shipping Directorate

Mark Chapelle

Clint Taliana

Head of Flight Operations Inspectorate

Clint Taliana

Maria Gove

GIS Manager

Maria Gove


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This year’s theme for Science in the City is SCIENCE IS CULTURE. This means that Transport Malta will be where it belongs because Transport is Science and Transport is Culture. Transport is Science because the vast majority of jobs/CAREERS in transport starts with science subjects. We will be at Science in the City to continue our campaign in informing the general public of these opportunities and assist the younger generations in identifying their career paths. People need to identify themselves with something tangible and through the launch of #innovatemobility we are trying to instigate a discussion on social networks about transport in the future and the prospects people see in transport.

Transport is also culture because it impacts people’s lives not only from the jobs’ perspective but also from the commuting side and the various commuting methods. The objective is to gauge values that people attach to jobs in transport, to greener transport, to safer transport, to the use of technology in reducing travelling time and so on.

So we are trying to generate interest in the general public to come and visit us at our Stand in the Science in the City where they can participate in our awareness/information campaign and debate in the social  media and take a photo that can be tagged and uploaded on social media.

Restricted area at Xrobb l-Għagin

Swimming in part of Xorb l-Għaġin Bay, in the area known as il-Ħofriet in Delimara is prohibited.  Boats and other vessels must also keep away from this zone.  
In the past days, a number of rocks collapsed from the Ħofriet Window and there is the danger of this reoccurring.  The Authority has issued a Notice to Mariners to declare this area a restricted one.  Transport Malta calls on the public to avoid the coastline around the Window.

Grounded ship re-floated

The contractor appointed to salvage the vessel Hephaestus succeeded in refloating the vessel will be towing it to a shipyard in Marsa.  The area in Qawra, which had been declared as a no-go zone, both on land and at sea, to safeguard public safety, will be declared accessible, once all equipment is cleared and it is ascertained that there is no impending danger.

The contractor, between bouts of bad weather and long hours of work, had closed off all the breaches in the hull so that the ship could be refloated. Early this morning, Personnel rigged one side of the ship with chains and wire ropes to two powerful tug boats.  The boats pulled away in sync, under the watchful eye of experienced salvage masters, Transport Malta, ERA , Police and Civil Protection Department personnel.  After some moments of tension, the vessel started parting ways with the rocks of the coast she had rested on for the past months.  

For a moment, it seemed as if the ship would only budge a few centimetres and get stuck once more but the technically well-coordinated tug boats changed the angle slightly and tucked the vessel back into the water with a considerable splash.  The vessel dipped slightly down and quickly bobbed back up, demonstrating that the patchwork on its hull did its duty.

The personnel changed the rigging in accordance with the approved towing arrangement plan so that the tug boats could manouver the vessel back to the harbour.   The Hephaestus is now undertaking what will probably be her last voyage, to the contractor’s ship yard in Marsa. 

Last week the contractor had made another attempt, however a chain that was connected to the towing wire failed and snapped under the immense tension and the tremendous weight of  the craft. The contractor deployed further heavy duty equipment to be able to make the second attempt this morning.

The vessel, a 60-metre tanker registered in Togo, had grounded in Qawra, during a fierce storm on the 10th of February. The crew had thankfully managed to return to shore safely after abandoning the vessel.  The Hephaestus was not carrying any heavy fuel oil and thus it posed no real risk of pollution.  However, the salvage contractor had to deploy a boom to contain a minor diesel sheen after water reached a breach in the hull and a small amount of old diesel seeped out.  The sheen remained on the water surface and evaporated.  The salvage contractor removed all fuels from the ship, as soon as the weather stabilised enough to allow the operation.

Following long negotiations by Transport Malta,  the Protection and Indemnity Insurance of the vessel assumed the responsability to salvage the vessel.  The insurance will pay for the salvage costs.

Road maintenance works in Qawra

Transport Malta will carry out road maintenance works in Triq it-Turisti and Dawret il-Qawra in Qawra, this week.

Works in Triq it-Turisti will be carried out tonight and tomorrow night. Works in Dawret il-Qawra will be carried out on Wednesday and Thursday night. Works during the four nights will start at 22:00hrs until 05:00hrs.

During works, parts of these roads will be closed to traffic and to public transport.

Transport Malta urges drivers to respect the temporary no parking signs and to use alternative routes.