Have a safe ride home

3 lane roundabouts


Barricades in front of Bieb il-Bombi


Barricades in front of Bieb il-Bombi for pedestrian safety

Transport Malta will be installing barricades on the central strip of Triq Nazzjonali, Floriana, to direct pedestrians in using the subway to cross the road.  

Despite the appropriately built subway numerous pedestrians opt to perilously cross multiple lanes.  Transport Malta’s intervention is designed to reduce the risk accidents in one of the busiest roads in Malta. 

Ministry officials are cleaning the subway each day and the Ministry has recently installed security cameras to help improve safety for users.

Transport Malta urges drivers to keep on the lookout, adhere to road signs and instructions from officials on site for the safety of workers. The works to install the barricades will start tonight and will be carried out throughout the week, between 20:00 and 03:00 each night to minimise disruption.  The road will not be closed.

Children’s Day

Transport Malta, The Malta Road Safety Council and the Commissioner for Children team up to raise awareness on child road safety. Transport Malta produced a series of graphics and radio adverts on three main issues that can determine the children\’s safety whilst commuting. The campaign was launched a few days before 20th November, Children’s Day.



The campaign urges everyone to wear their seatbelt; even when riding at the back with a special emphasis on children.



Car Seats

The second poster is about car seats. There is lack of information on which car seat to use. Too many people do not know that there are different categories of car seats. We urge parents to research and get the right car seat for their children.




Passive smoking is very harmful. It is surely harmful in an enclosed space like a car and especially harmful for children. We urge everyone not to smoke in the car when their kids are around.


Eyes on the road

Transport Malta aired a new PSA, as part of the ‘Respect on the road’ campaign, yesterday evening.  The campaign, launched last month, has various phases and will continue over the coming weeks.  The campaign messages are being aired on TV, social media and played on radio stations.  Transport Malta and the Malta Road Safety Council embarked on an educational campaign to raise awareness on road safety.  The campaign is expanding on other issues along the coming weeks with the aim to raise the level of our driving and make roads safer.

In this context, Transport Malta welcomes the launch of the public consultation on the penalty point system for all drivers.  This is a step forward to improve road safety.

The latest PSA tells the second story from the series ‘eyes on the road’ which raises awareness on the consequences of distracted driving. 

The PSA tells the story of a mother who runs over a cyclist. She was communicating with her husband while driving on her way to her daughter’s party. 

Transport Malta and the Malta Road Safety Council remind drivers of the consequences of distracted driving and asks them to keep their eyes on the road.

More on the campaign here.