Sharing the road with cyclists

Leave Space When Overtaking Cyclists

Leave Space When Overtaking Cyclists

Drivers, overtaking a cyclist can be dangerous. Be patient and overtake only when there is plenty of room available. 1.5m is the suggested safe distance. Let’s share the road.

1.5m is the suggested safe distance

Prevent Dooring

Prevent Dooring

Drivers should check behind them in the mirror and over their shoulder to check for cyclists and other road users before opening doors, to avoid opening it in their path.

We advise opening the door with the hand furthest from the handle. This will force you to look behind.

Cyclists have the right to leave plenty of room when passing parked vehicles to avoid the risk of dooring.

Check for cyclists

Avoid left-hooking

Avoid left-hooking

Avoid left-hooking: Drivers should not overtake a cyclist immediately before turning, as a cyclist could get trapped. Drivers must use their indicators to clearly show their intentions to other road users, and frequently look in their mirrors to check for cyclists, to ensure that turning or changing lanes is safe.

Don’t overtake a cyclist immediately before a turn

Respect the speed limit

Respect the speed limit

Respect the speed limit: Drivers must always respect the speed limit. Speed limits should not be treated as a target; it is often unsafe to drive at the maximum speed limit. Drivers should reduce their speed when sharing the road with cyclists. They should also pay attention when sharrows are visible on the road. These are narrow lanes for cyclists when they must share space with other vehicles.

Reduce speed when sharing the road with cyclists

Respect cycle lanes and cyclists’ rights

Respect cycle lanes and cyclists’ rights

Respect cycle lanes and cyclists’ rights: Drivers should never obstruct designated cycle lanes by driving or parking on them. Cyclists have as much right to use the road and should be given the right of way at junctions and roundabouts. Cyclists may use the full lane when approaching an intersection, roundabout or when overtaking, and have the right to use bus lanes where this is indicated.

Mind the cyclist

Christmas 2018

Sometimes our driving, or the driving of others brings out the worst in us.  Christmas time, on the other hand is primed to bring out the best.  Transport Malta has launched a campaign, inspired by the Christmas season, with the aim to arouse our best self on the road.

Transport Malta has produced a video, inspired by Charles Dicken’s immortal novel, A Christmas Carol.  Simplistically, the novel tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge an incorrigible miser who receives a visit from three ghosts that show him his real self and the effect he has on those around him, inspiring him to change his ways.

In our story, the miser, the indelible schmuck is Charles, a reckless driver. A ghost pays him a visit in his own car following a stint of delinquent driving, in the hope that he, together with a number of Maltese drivers, whose etiquette on the road is severely lacking, change their ways. 

Transport Malta officials set up a roadblock in Regional Road. They stopped several cars but instead of fines, they handed out mince pies, to remind drivers that in Christmas and hopefully throughout the year, we can all be nicer on the road.

During the Christmas period, everyone is gentler, kinder, more mindful of those around him.  We celebrate together, exchange gifts and greetings. Transport Malta hopes that this spirit of Christmas,  can also descend on our roads.  The aim of the campaign is exactly that, to remind drivers to disseminate the spirit of Christmas on the road.  As we are mindful of others, other family members, friends and even people in need, during this period, we should also be mindful of the other road users.  And as the Christmas period hopefully inspires us to be more mindful for others throughout the rest of the year, with some effort, we can stick to this caring attitude on the road all year as well.

Thus we appeal to each and every driver on the road, every rider, every cyclist and every pedestrian to be mindful, caring and respectful on the road. Let’s make our interactions on the road more pleasant, it is us, after all, who will gain most, a more pleasurable commute, less chances of an accident and we’ll even get there faster.   Season’s Greetings.

Street Smart

Mapfre foundation with the support of the Malta Road Safety Council is organising a show in various schools around Malta.  The light hearted show has a number of lessons and tips for street smart kids. 

The Malta Road Safety Council is distributing some merchandise to help the students remember the lessons learnt during the show.

Have a safe ride home

3 lane roundabouts


Barricades in front of Bieb il-Bombi


Barricades in front of Bieb il-Bombi for pedestrian safety

Transport Malta will be installing barricades on the central strip of Triq Nazzjonali, Floriana, to direct pedestrians in using the subway to cross the road.  

Despite the appropriately built subway numerous pedestrians opt to perilously cross multiple lanes.  Transport Malta’s intervention is designed to reduce the risk accidents in one of the busiest roads in Malta. 

Ministry officials are cleaning the subway each day and the Ministry has recently installed security cameras to help improve safety for users.

Transport Malta urges drivers to keep on the lookout, adhere to road signs and instructions from officials on site for the safety of workers. The works to install the barricades will start tonight and will be carried out throughout the week, between 20:00 and 03:00 each night to minimise disruption.  The road will not be closed.