Transport Malta to remove obstructing vessel from Magħluq Bay

Transport Malta will be removing the vessel San Marco that is obstructing Magħluq Bay in Marsaxlokk during the weekend.

The contractor is setting up rigging today and will be mobilising machinery on the Bay tomorrow for the salvage operation to start on Sunday.  The excavator will help dig up the wreckage while a crane barge will pull the vessel towards deeper waters. Divers have checked the sea bottom to ensure there will be no obstructions that might damage the hull or the seabed during the pulling.

For safety reasons, the beach and the surrounding area at sea will be restricted.  Transport Malta and Police officers will be on site both on land and at sea to condone off the area.  We appreciate your collaboration and apologise for the inconvenience.

Magħluq Bay can once again be fully enjoyed by sea-goers from next week.

Avoid Azure Window Area

Notice to Mariners to keep safe distance from the former Azure Window

Transport Malta, together with the Environmental Resources Authority and the Malta Tourism Authority declare the former Azure window site as a cautionary area for mariners, scuba divers and bathers.

Mariners, scuba divers and bathers are advised to keep a safe distance from the area, in the interest of public safety and until the required surveys and inspections have been carried out to ensure safety and conservation concerns have been mitigated.

The Ports and Yachting Directorate within Transport Malta, has issued a notice to mariners to caution mariners when approaching the site around the former Azure window in Dwejra. The recent collapse of the Azure window has caused a change in seabed and coastal topography of this area and is thus un-surveyed.

Mariners are advised not to navigate in the area.  

Moorings in Qawra and Salina

Transport Malta held a meeting with owners of boats moored in Qawra and Salina. The meeting provided information on the plan to re-organise the bay.

Boat owners were urged to apply for a mooring.

Download Mooring Application

Kindly attach the following with the application form

To register an existing mooring

  • Photocopy of ID Card
  • North & East Coordinates of mooring (taken with a GPS)
  • Photo of the Area (or a site map indicating the position of the mooring)
  • Photo of boat on mooring (if no photo is available an affidavit needs to be presented).  Affidavit needs to include: Name, Surname, I.D card number, location of mooring, GPS co-ordinates and for how long the mooring has been in use.
  • Copy of a valid boat certificate
  • Copy of a valid boat insurance (where applicable)

To register a new mooring

  • Photocopy of ID Card
  • Copy of a valid boat certificate
  • Copy of a valid boat insurance (where applicable)

Oil Spill Training

The end of a vessel

This is a drill

Preventing accidents at sea

Duzgit Integrity

Transport Malta participates in a project “Preventing incidents and accidents for safer ships in the Oceans”

Transport Malta together with 14 partners from nine other European countries, is participating in the Picasso Project, a project aiming at preventing incidents and accidents for safer ships in the Oceans.  Safety on Land and on Board Ships, Emergency Simulations, and Training and The Human Factor are the three main factors in the project.

The project which is co-funded by the European Commission, is designed to improve maritime safety through training of staff which is a key element in preventing accidents at sea, evacuation drills in ports and development of new technologies. This project is designed to improve maritime safety through training and the development of new technologies and is headed by the Spanish Maritime Rescue and Safety Agency.

The project has a budget of 3.8 million euro and is part of the overall goal of developing Motorways of the Sea, in line with European Union maritime transport policies. It was approved in July 2016 and is scheduled to end in July 2018.

Transport Malta’s role in the project is to organise a mass evacuation exercise in the port of Valletta. This exercise is planned to be held during Malta’s EU Presidency and different stakeholders will be involved.

Beware of Samsung Galaxy Note 7


Transport Malta has issued an information notice to Shipowners, operators, masters to warn about the possibility of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire.  Such a fire could be of particular concern if it occurs on boar a ship.

The Authority recommends:

  • Informing all persons about the use and carriage of such devices when booking a passage or a cruise.
  • Turning off the phone.
  • Disconnecting the device from charging.
  • Stopping all applications that could activate the phone.
  • Keeping the device at close proximity.
  • Placing warning signs in the garage decks, accommodation areas and on the relevant websites.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was not sold in Malta.

Link for official Notice