Eyes on the road

Transport Malta aired a new PSA, as part of the ‘Respect on the road’ campaign, yesterday evening.  The campaign, launched last month, has various phases and will continue over the coming weeks.  The campaign messages are being aired on TV, social media and played on radio stations.  Transport Malta and the Malta Road Safety Council embarked on an educational campaign to raise awareness on road safety.  The campaign is expanding on other issues along the coming weeks with the aim to raise the level of our driving and make roads safer.

In this context, Transport Malta welcomes the launch of the public consultation on the penalty point system for all drivers.  This is a step forward to improve road safety.

The latest PSA tells the second story from the series ‘eyes on the road’ which raises awareness on the consequences of distracted driving. 

The PSA tells the story of a mother who runs over a cyclist. She was communicating with her husband while driving on her way to her daughter’s party. 

Transport Malta and the Malta Road Safety Council remind drivers of the consequences of distracted driving and asks them to keep their eyes on the road.

More on the campaign here.

Love on the road


On the occasion of St. Valentine’s Day, the day dedicated to love, the Malta Road Safety Council continues its campaign towards road safety by conveying the following message to all road users.

As a council we urge everyone to show respect on our roads, sharing this love by being courteous and considerate to other road users, be they drivers, bikers, passengers or pedestrians.


Respect should continue beyond this day and every day, we should all do our part when using the roads.

Showing respect entails driving carefully and attentively, caring about our children, having them properly seated with their seats belts on, giving mobiles a break, observing road regulations and paying attention when crossing the roads.

 Show respect on our roads. #loveroad



This is a joint initiative of the Malta Road Safety Council and Transport Malta.

Malta Road Safety Council: be safe, follow road signage


The Malta Road Safety Council stated that the road accident on the Coast Road, this morning, clearly illustrates that road signs are not being obeyed. These type of accidents create problems on our roads and  unnecessary injuries to innocent drivers. The Malta Road Safety Council urged all to follow road signs and road markings. \”Better a few minutes late then arriving unexpectedly in hospital\”.

 No overtaking is allowed on any part of the Coast Road and the speed limit is set at 40 Km per hour.

 The Council wished a speedy recovery to those involved in the accident and urged all to be safe and follow road signage.

Malta Road Safety Council Endorsed by FIA


Newly Setup Malta Road Safety Council’s work Endorsed by FIA

The Malta Road Safety Council in conjunction with the Transport Malta and Ministry for Transport & Infrastructure today organised a conference entitled “charting the route” to officially launch the recently setup Malta Road Safety Council. The council was specifically setup by the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure and Transport Malta to bring together all stakeholders committed to road safety in the country.

Addressing the floor through a recorded video message, Mr Jean Todt, the Federation International d’Automobile (FIA) President and UN Envoy for Road Safety, endorsed the launching of the council and expressed his support to the work Malta has done to address road safety challenges. He referred to the last year’s setting up of a national road safety strategy and the setting of the council as important steps in the right direction. Mr Todt re-iterated both the FIA’s and his personal commitment towards the fight for road safety. In fact, the FIA has made Road Safety a key priority through the Action for Road Safety campaign, a marketing campaign which Transport Malta will be associating with.


The National Road Safety Council is made up of various stakeholders that include representative from the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, Transport Malta, Touring Club Malta,  Health Dept, Education Department, Malta Police Force, Malta Insurance Association, Intelligent Transport Systems Malta and the Civil Protection Department.

Other members include representatives from Malta Motorsport Federation, Motoring Schools Association, Local Councils Association, the Red Cross, KNDP, the Commissioner for Children, Two Wheeler Foundation, Bicycling Advocacy Group Malta/Malta Cycling Federation, Ghaqda Zwiemel u Kultura  and the Assocjazzjoni tal-Anzjani.

Transport Malta has appointed Mr Pierre Vella as the council’s executive manager. Mr Vella brings with him a wealth of experience from the motoring sector and in fact has been the local FIA Action for Road Safety advocate for the past three years.


Introducing the seminar, Chairman of Transport Malta, Mr James Piscopo, welcomed all members and stakeholders to the seminar and re-iterated Transport Malta’s commitment towards improving road safety in Malta for the benefit of all road users. “This seminar will certainly bring about constructive discussions and encourage the exchange of best practices. I am sure that by sharing of one’s experiences we can come up with positive solutions aimed at improving road safety in Malta,” concluded Mr Piscopo. 

The event also served as a good platform for the various council members and stakeholders to share their views on a topic that is very much on the forefront of Transport Malta’s agenda, namely road safety.

Addressing the conference Mr Joe Mizzi, the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, said “each loss of life is a matter of national policy for my Government. It highlights the urgent need to take all the necessary measures to address the fundamental cause of traffic accidents and hence, avoid more loss of lives. This conference is all about people getting together to address such an important issue. Whilst acknowledging that Malta has one of the lowest mortality figures, one definitely notes that road accidents are not decreasing. That is why I took personal attention to have this council set up and including the members that form part of this council.”

In his conclusion, Mr Mizzi encouraged all council members to strive to achieve the impossible as he believed that through the hard work and determination of the council members, working together to improve road safety, the council will certainly make a difference on the lives of many road users in Malta.