University tunnel reopens tomorrow

Works in University Tunnel

University tunnel reopens tomorrow

The University Tunnel, a route for the sports complex and Imsida, will reopen tomorrow morning.

For the past weeks, the tunnel was not accessible because of ongoing works. Transport Malta chose to rebuild the University Tunnel, during the works for the Kappara Project.  The tunnel was not part of the project however the Authority opted to rebuild it to avoid that Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli is dug up for future maintenance of the tunnel.  

Transport Malta built a wider and safer tunnel which is better suited for today’s University needs.  The tunnel was completed with the works for the Kappara Project.  The University of Malta then asked Transport Malta to also widen the road that leads to the tunnel.  Thus, the Authority started widening this road immediately.

The works are now completed.  The students, and those who visit the University can start using the new road and tunnel to go from University towards Imsida and the other way round, from tomorrow.

Kappara roundabout open for vehicles

New crash barriers in the slip road leading to Kappara

Tomorrow, the Kappara Project Contractor will remove the existing crash barriers from the slip road that leads from the skate park towards Kappara, and will install new ones, as part of the project, which has reached its final phases.  The new barriers will help enhance road safety in this area used by thousands every day.

The slip road will be closed to traffic from 07:00 tomorrow morning.

Whilst apologising for any inconvenience, we urge drivers to use alternative routes, follow temporary traffic signs and drive carefully.

Final asphalting works commence in Kappara


Kappara Project is nearing completion. As from tomorrow at 09:00hrs, the contractor will commence asphalting works on Gżira side.

Until now the roads had only one layer of asphalt, so vehicles could keep flowing during the works on San Ġwann side. Now that the project reached its final phases and the principal works are completed, the contractor will lay the final layers of asphalt on the whole area, avoiding joints, thus finalising the works in the best way possible.

In order to be of less inconvenience to the drivers, whilst works are on-going, vehicles will proceed from the bridge on San Ġwann’s side, one lane in each direction. As soon as works are ready on this side, same traffic arrangements will apply on the other bridge with vehicles proceeding on one lane in each direction.

Drivers are reminded that this area is a construction site and therefore advised to drive carefully keeping the speed limit of 30km/h.


Final Phases for Kappara Project

Kappara Project is approaching its final phases as the contractor starts finalising the works on various sectors.  The contractor started asphalting the slip road on San Ġwann side of the project this morning and will start finalising the slip road towards Sliema Road Gżira from tomorrow.
Up to now, the slip road towards Gżira only has one layer of asphalt and has two lanes, since it was serving as a bypass, to keep vehicles flowing through, during the works.  The contractor will now finalise the concrete works to render the slip road as it was designed. They will then apply the final layers of asphalt.  
In order to be able to carry these works safely, the contractor will close the slip road towards Gżira for the coming weeks. Hence drivers, from 09:00 tomorrow, will be able to access Sliema Road Gżira from Triq Reggie Miller and Rue D’Argens.
Vehicles will be able to proceed over the flyover towards Valletta and Skatepark.  We urge drivers to drive safely, keep to the limit of 30Km/h on site and follow the temporary signage.

Kappara: Sliema Road, Gżira to open in both directions


Vehicles coming from Sliema Road Gżira can, from tomorrow, access Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli.  This access was closed since the start of the Kappara Project.  Major works on the East side of Kappara Project have been completed and drivers can start availing themselves of the newly constructed stretch of road.

Reconstruction of Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli

Transport Malta will start reconstructing the upper part of Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli.  For a few metres, traffic from Reggie Miller to the South Bound sliproad will proceed on one lane.

Vehicles coming from Regional Road or from Triq Reggie Miller can no longer use the crossing towards San Ġwann.  They need to turn at the Skate Park Junction or use alternative routes. 

Kappara junction remains a construction site, drive carefully, follow signs and keep to the 30Km/h speed limit.

Kappara: Works on services


Kappara: Works on services tonight

Works on services and connections in Kappara will be carried out tonight. 

Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli direction to St. Julian’s will be closed to traffic between 21:30hrs and 02:00hrs.  The road will be closed before the tunnels up to the roundabout in Regional Road.  During works, traffic will be diverted onto Birkirkara bypass.  Traffic towards the University will not be affected.

Drivers are to drive carefully and follow instructions by the officials on site.

Last remaining wing wall for the Kappara flyover


Transport Malta will be constructing the last remaining wing wall for the Kappara flyover from tomorrow morning.

The Authority will, for safety reasons, slightly modify the existing traffic management on the Northbound lanes of Regional Road.  Vehicles will be able to proceed towards St. Julian’s on one lane for the whole stretch.  Traffic from Triq Bella Vista San Gwann will be diverted onto Triq il-Huttaf in Kappara.  Heavy vehicles will be diverted onto Triq  Birkirkara San Gwann.

Kindly use alternative routes, drive carefully and follow directions on the site.  The speed limit is 30 Km/h.