Abandoned wreckage outside Paradise Bay

A local diver has uploaded the video below on social media.  The video shows what seems to be an abandoned ship that sank outside Paradise Bay.  
Transport Malta was not informed about this incident by the master or the operator, as required by law and only got light of the wreckage through the video. The Authority is currently establishing whom the owners of the vessel are, in order for them to take the necessary action and remove the wreckage.

Transport Malta would like to thank the producer of this video for his contribution and encourages others who come across such irregularities to report them.  The public can get in touch with Transport Malta by sending an email on info.tm@transport.gov.mt, by calling on the free phone 80072309 or through a private message on Transport Malta’s Facebook Page.

Another step towards  a tunnel between Malta and Gozo



Transport Malta has issued a tender to gather geological data on the sub-surface of the Malta-Gozo Channel. The winning contractor will conduct geotechnical investigations at various locations on land and in the channel, with drilling expected to reach approximately 200m below sea bed level in some areas. The extracted core samples will aid in establishing the geological formations of the area, which will eventually determine the feasibility of constructing a tunnel.   


The investigations forming part of this tender are part of wider studies being commissioned in order to gather information on the sub-surface conditions of the proposed tunnel route between Malta and Gozo and ultimately establish a geological model of the area under investigation. The model will in turn form the basis for the Conceptual Design of the tunnel.


The Government of Malta has embarked on a long term strategy to address problems Gozitan commuters face everyday. Between the year 2000 and 2010, the number of vehicles crossing increased by 4.1% each year. In 2010 an average of 1,500 vehicles crossed each day in each direction. Last year, according to the NSO, a total of 1,348,502 vehicles made the crossing; reflecting an increase of 23% over the 2010 traffic.


The study is a major milestone in the process to eventually establish a fixed link between Malta and Gozo.

Transport Malta investigating incident on board Gozo Channel Vessel


Transport Malta is carrying an investigation into the incident that happened on board a Gozo Channel vessel this morning during a ferry crossing between the islands. The Authority is in contact with the management of Gozo Channel Co Ltd and the captain of the vessel to ascertain all the facts related to the incident whereby a truck allegedly toppled on its side.