Grant for electric vehicles extended

The government continues working towards Electromobility – another €0.5 million allocated for the scheme on the Purchase of Electric Vehicles

The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects announces the extension of the grant scheme on environmentally friendly vehicles by another €0.5 million. The aim of the scheme is to improve air quality levels by reducing old motor vehicles from our roads and by promoting the purchase of battery electric vehicles and battery electric quadricycles.

scrap yard

Initially, the scheme which was launched earlier on this year through Transport Malta had an allocation of €0.5 million, and between January and July 2018 all applications submitted for the grant were accommodated, to the extent that 98 additional electric vehicles were registered on Maltese roads.

Commenting on this extended benefit, Minister Ian Borg said, “We are committed to deliver a transport sector which befits our country and its people. Our work consists not only of improved infrastructural design and investment in public transportation, but also in incentivising the people of Malta and Gozo to invest in cleaner alternatives for their private transportation needs. We understand that certain circumstances require the use of a private vehicle, but we feel it is our duty as a Government and as a country to ensure that these circumstances have the least negative impact possible on our environment.”

The Minister pointed out that as from this year, the Government has also removed the registration tax for all new and used electric vehicles including motorcycles, battery driven electric mopeds, hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and range extender electric vehicles used by an individual, private and commercial companies, NGOs, local councils and Government departments, while the Annual Circulation Licence fee has been waived off for the first five years for these same vehicles.

The extended scheme is composed of a range of benefits with their own sets of conditions. Should an eligible applicant not scrap another vehicle, they would benefit from €2,500 when registering a new or used Battery Electric quadricycle, €4,000 upon registering an imported second-hand Battery Electric/Plug-in Hybrid M1 and N1 vehicle not older than 36 months, with not more than 15,000 km on the odometer, and €6,000 upon registering a new Battery Electric/Plug-in Hybrid M1 and N1 vehicle. Should eligible parties register a new Battery Electric/Plug-in Hybrid M1 and N1 vehicle when another vehicle with an internal combustion engine having at least 10 years from the year of its manufacture is de-registered and scrapped at an authorised destruction facility, they would benefit from €7,000. Finally, Government is giving up to €200,000 for commercial companies to change their vehicle fleet from ICE to EV. Terms and conditions apply in all cases. The grant is applicable to private car owners, registered NGOs, the business community and local councils.

Applications are on a first come first served basis. Companies that have already benefited from last year’s scheme on electric vehicles are eligible to benefit again from this scheme if they are in line with state aid regulations. Application forms for such schemes can be collected from the Vehicle Licensing Unit within Transport Malta, A3 Towers, Paola or from