Collision in port of Valletta


Collision involving three vessels in the port of Valletta

Earlier this afternoon, the cargo ship Maria, registered in Antigua & Barbuda collided with the Italian fishing trawler Angela Arcella, which was moored alongside, while berthing.  The fishing trawler capsized and sank at its moorings.  Two persons on board fell into the water but were assisted immediately.  They were taken to hospital but suffered no serious injures. The vessel Maria also made contact with the Congo registered motor vessel Union, which was alongside the same jetty.  The latter ship sustained structural damages. No one on board the vessel Union was injured. The vessel however broke its moorings as a result of the impact.  The tugboat Lieni was dispatched. A pilot boarded the vessel Union to manoeuvre her  back to berth.


The sunk trawler was carrying fish bait.  Court appointed divers ascertained there was no one on board and no effluent was leaking from the vessel.  The inquiring magistrate has given clearance and a salvage operation has commenced to recover the trawler in the shortest time  possible.


Officials from Transport Malta were dispatched on site and the Marine Safety Investigation Unit is in contact with the safety investigators of Antigua & Barbuda and Italy.