National Bike Ride 2017

300 cyclists in National Bicycle Ride 2017
This morning, 300 cyclists participated in the National Bike Ride, from Floriana to Mosta and back.  The ride, now in its fourth edition, is becoming more popular among Maltese enthusiasts and 100 more cyclists than last year participated.  The run started from in front of the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects in Floriana and took the participants to Ħamrun, Santa Venera, Ħ\’Attard, Mosta, Birkirkara and Msida.
After the ride, the Permanent Secretary within the ministry, Christopher Cutajar talked about a number of initiatives that are promoting the bicycle as an alternative means of transport.  He talked about applications for European funds to build bicycle lanes and the drafting of the National Cycling Policy.  Mr Cutajar then gave away a number of prizes, including electric bikes.
The ride on National Car Free Day 2017 was one of the activities of European Mobility Week. The theme for this year’s edition is “Sharing gets you Further”, reflecting the notion that sharing transport modes will lighten the burden on the streets, making them more efficient.
The Malta National Electromobility Platform, within Transport Malta, organised the Bike Ride with the help of the Police, Transport Malta enforcement officers and St. John’s Ambulance.

Bike Ride Tomorrow


The National Bicycle Ride will start from the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects in Floriana, tomorrow at 08:30.

The riders will cycle through Blata l-Bajda, Ħamrun, St. Venera, Ħ’Attard and Mosta, from where they will head  back through Ħal Lija, Birkirkara, St. Venera and Ħamrun until they reach the Ministry.  The ride is expected to last around two hours.  A number of Transport Malta’s electric vehicles will accompany the riders throughout the trip to ensure the riders’ safety. 

Anyone with a bicycle is invited to attend.  Registration is free of charge and starts at 08:00, in front of the Ministry.  Every participant will get a free t-shirt and five lucky ones will win an electric bike worth around €1,400.

This is the 4th edition of the National Bicycle Ride. The bike ride is one of the initiatives and activities the Malta National Electromobility Platform within Transport Malta is organising to mark the European Mobility Week.  The theme for this year’s edition is “Sharing gets you Further”, reflecting the notion that sharing transport modes will lighten the burden on the streets, making them more efficient.

The Malta National Electromobility Platform was set up by the Transport Ministry and Transport Malta to implement the Malta National Electromobility Action Plan. The plan facilitates the eventual electrification of private and public transport while promoting electromobility and electric vehicles, both with car importers as well as the general public and private companies.


National Car Free Day 2016


National Car Free Day 2016 was celebrated yesterday by a first Super Sprint Triathlon.  The Triathlon took off with a swim across the Msida Creek to Haywharf in Floriana, a 10 lap bicycle run around St.Anne’s Street in Floriana and a spectacular round Valletta run.


The event was organised by Transport Malta and Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club.  Participants included some of the best local elements.  Three awards were given to the Ladies Category, the Males Category and the Youth Category. The Athletics’ 1 mile run organised by the Malta Amateur Athletics Association also attracted a number of athletes.  Children’s Poster Competition was also organised by Transport Malta and the Foundation for Educational Services.


Hon. Joe Mizzi presented the trophies and prizes to the winners.

The day’s events were coordinated by the Malta National Electromobility Platform Unit within Transport Malta held with the cooperation of the Police Force, the Maritime and Land Enforcement Section within Transport Malta and the Malta Red Cross. 

European Mobility Week student sessions


European Mobility Week 2016 – Skola Sajf Sessions

What is the main cause of pollution? What problems are we facing because of pollution and how can these be reduced? How is pollution affecting our daily living and is it having a financial burden on our economy, even at family level? What alternatives do we have to conventional transport modes?

These questions along with other related issues were raised and discussed by the Malta National Electromobility Platform (MNEP) Unit within Transport Malta with around 1,500 children aged between 7 and 12 years, who are attending the Skola Sajf Program coordinated by the Foundation for Educational Services. Four sessions where held during the month of July and included one session in Gozo. This activity was held as part of this year’s annual programme for European Mobility Week 2016 and European Mobility Actions.

The talks started off with an introduction to the subject, discussing the effects of both air and noise pollution, the greenhouse effect and respiratory complications which are consequences of pollution. In order to reduce traffic jams and emissions, several suggestions were put forward by the children themselves. Some of these included car pooling, car sharing and cleaner transport modes.  Other modes of transport were also suggested. These included public transport, the use of ferries, walking, cycling, electric vehicles, travelling in a car with 3 people or more, making use of the priority lanes when using such modes of transport, as well as the safe use of bicycle lanes.

Electric vehicles were one of the main focuses of these talks, so much so that an electric car was on display. To give children something to look forward to, they were given the opportunity to take photographs with one of the electric vehicles owned by Transport Malta, during a short break. A number of benefits of electric vehicles were highlighted such as the fact that they do not produce any noise or emissions, cost less to run and can easily be charged at home.

When branching out into the subject of safety on the streets, emphasis was made on the importance of the proper use of the street, especially the use of pelican crossing and zebra crossing, by giving several tips and examples. A lot of importance was given to the ‘STOP-LOOK-LISTEN’ rule as well as making sure that cars have completely stopped before crossing the road. With regards to cycling, a number of benefits and other relevant tips were mentioned. Safety tips like the importance of having proper clothing and equipment as well as regular servicing of the bicycle were heavily stressed.

To make the sessions more entertaining for the children, on the right reply to certain key questions, a t-shirt promoting the European Mobility Week as well as the Malta National Bicycle Ride was presented.

European Mobility Week: Design Competition


Design Competition as part of the European Mobility Week and European Mobility Actions

Transport Malta, in collaboration with il-Kamra tal-Periti, launched a design competition as part of the initiatives of European Mobility Week and European Mobility Actions.  The theme for this year’s edition, which will be held between the 16th and 22nd September, is ’Smart Mobility. Strong Economy’.   The theme reflects the close ties between transport and economics, since smart planning and transport will save money and support economic growth.

Interested periti, groups of periti and students of the Faculty for the Built Environment can submit designs featuring innovative, sustainable urban spaces and mobility solutions for a locality or urban centre in Malta and Gozo.  The submissions can design solutions in line with the themes indicated.  Two designs, one for the professionals and one for students, will be awarded €5,000 and €2,000 respectively.  

For further information please visit  Any request for clarifications are to be sent on by not later 30th September 2016.  Participants can submit their designs at Transport Malta’s offices in Sa Maison, Floriana between the 10th and 12th October between 09:00 and 12:00.