Transport Malta in €1.9 million project


Transport Malta participates in a project “DESTINATIONS”

Transport Malta is participating in the CIVITAS DESTINATIONS, a project aimed at addressing the problem of high seasonal tourist mobility demand in smaller touristic destinations. The Project shall implement a set of mutually reinforcing innovative mobility solutions in each of the participating sites of Funchal (Portugal), Las Palmas (Spain), Elba (Italy), Rhetymno (Greece), Limassol (Cyprus) and Valletta (Malta).

Local Partners include the University of Malta, the Valletta Local Council and the Ministry of Tourism who will receive € 1.9 million in EU funding to compile a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for the Valletta Region (Southern Harbour and Northern Harbour Districts), implement a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan Award open for all local councils, promote sustainable transport practices among residents and tourists, test the concept of last-mile delivery of goods using energy efficient vehicles, introduce a Green Mobility Hotel Award, and test a smart parking management system for Valletta.

The Project, funded under the Horizon 2020 CIVITAS Funding Programme, shall run between 2016 and 2020.