The Coast Road will be re-opened tomorrow morning.


The Coast Road will be re-opened tomorrow at 05:00 (morning), as planned. Drivers will therefore be able to drive through the Coast Road both from Salini to Pembroke and also in the opposite direction.

Following the works of the recent days, various sections will now be travelled on the seaside carriageway for both northbound and southbound traffic.



Works on the Coast Road are continuing at a good rate in various sections of the 7.3km road. Asphalt will continue to be laid in the coming weeks.

Works are also continuing on the finishings including crash barriers, street lighting and line markings..


Transport Malta regrets the inconvenience caused during the necessary closure of the past days.  We urge drivers to follow traffic signs, drive at the prescribed speeds and not overtake. 

The alternative routes, through Mġarr Bypass, Triq is-Salini, Mosta and Birkirkara will, of course, remain available and should be considered whenever one is planning his journey.


Coast Road Closure


Transport Malta regrets the inconvenience caused with the closure of the Coast Road.  The issues this morning highlight the importance of the Coast Road and hence our commitment to upgrade it.

This part of the Coast Road had to be closed completely.  This road closure will improve the deadline by around three weeks and will avoid future total closures in more critical times.

Two layers of asphalt, 120mm in all, are being applied to the highest European standard.   Traffic cannot pass on the binder course.  Works and asphalting continued during the night yesterday. 

Transport Malta urges drivers to avoid the area and use alternative routes, through Mġarr Bypass, Mosta and Birkirkara.

Transport Malta is vigilant on the working contractors, who are collaborating fully. Works are on schedule and the road will be open again on Friday morning.

More details here.

Avoid the Coast Road


Triq il-Kosta between Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq and Triq Martin Luther King are closed for traffic from today till Friday 31 July at 05:00hrs.

Transport Malta urges motorists to avoid the area.

There is no access to Triq il-Kosta from Pembroke. Please use routes from Birkirkara, Mosta or Mġarr Bypass.

A Traffic accident this morning that occurred at Tal-Balal area has created additional strain on the traffic situation on the approaches to and from Coast Road.

What is next for the Coast Road?


The Coast Road project is going on at full swing.  Here is a quick update by project leader Architect Kylie Borg Marks.

The part between Għallis and Magħtab has been completely asphalted; all three layers of asphalt.  Next week, a carriageway between Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq and White Rocks will be completely asphalted.

Coast Road – New Traffic Arrangements

Triq il-Kosta between Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq and Triq Martin Luther King will be closed for traffic between Monday 27 July at 10:00hrs till Friday 31 July at 05:00hrs.

Access for Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq residents and commercial outlets will remain unobstructed from Naxxar.  There will be no access from Pembroke.

Vehicles from L-Imsida are encouraged to use Triq Tas-Sliema from Kappara Junction.  A route from Ta’ L-Ibraġġ in Swieqi to Triq tal-Balal will also be available.

Vehicles from St. Paul’s Bay will be diverted through Burmarrad or through Triq is-Salini up to it-Telgħa T’Alla w’Ommu.  One can also pass through Triq ir-Ramla in Magħtab. 

Public Transport

Shuttle Service

Since the regular routes will not be going through Triq il-Kosta, Malta Public Transport will be offering a shuttle service between Buġibba and Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq.

Routes 12 and 222 will not go through Triq il-Kosta but will pass through Triq is-Salina, Telgħa t’Alla u Ommu towards San Ġwann then towards the tunnels for Triq Mikiel Anton Vassalli and Paceville to proceed with the usual route.

Route X1 will go through Triq is-Salina, it-Telgħa t’Alla u Ommu and Għargħur Bypass as well.  The bus will turn through Triq il-Wied towards Iklin for Birkikara Bypass and University where the route will proceed as usual.

New traffic arrangements for Coast Road Project


Coast Road – New Traffic Arrangements

The coast road project has reached a new phase.  New traffic arrangements will be in effect as from tomorrow at 10:00 am.

Qawra Junction

The connection through Triq J.F. Kennedy to the Coast road will be closed for approximately 3 weeks.

Vehicles going towards Triq il-Kosta, will be diverted onto a new carriageway at Kennedy Drive.

Vehicles exiting Qawra / Buġibba and going towards Burmarrad / Xemxija will go through a temporary roundabout in Triq il-Wileġ and then through Triq il-Lampuki, Triq iċ-Ċagħaq, Triq il-Mosta and onto the Buġibba roundabout.

Asphalting in part of Triq il-Kosta.

The section of road between the junction with Triq t’Alla w’Ommu and the junction with Triq ir-Ramla will be closed on:

Tuesday 14th July 2015 10:00hrs – Wednesday 15th July 2015 05:00hrs

Thursday 16th July 2015 10:00hrs – Friday 17th July 2015 05:00hrs

Vehicles from Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq towards St Paul’s Bay will be diverted through Triq ir-Ramla, Triq Santa Marija, and onto Triq is-Salini. This diversion has been in place for the past months and will not change.

Vehicles from St Paul’s Bay towards Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq will be diverted through Triq is-Salini, Triq Santa Marija and Triq ir-Ramla, in order to access Triq il-Kosta.

 Overtaking along the Coast Road, Triq Santa Marija and Triq ir-Ramla is not permitted. Please follow the road signage and proceed with caution.

 Any inconvenience is regretted.

Easier access to Coast Road


Road between il-Magħtab and Triq il-Kosta open for traffic in both directions.

 Triq ir-Ramla, that connects il-Magħtab to Triq il-Kosta, will be open for traffic in both directions as from tomorrow afternoon.

The road was restricted to one direction because of the ongoing works on Triq il-Kosta.

Overtaking along this road is not permitted; motorists are advised to follow road signage and proceed with caution.

Making the Coast Road safer for motorcycles.


Transport Malta is installing the first motorcycle strips in Malta as part of the Coast Road project.

The motorcycle strips are attached to the lower part of the crash barriers.  In case of an accident, motorbike riders are stopped from hitting the pillars and the lower part of the barriers.  Riders usually slide along the asphalt and hit against the pillars or the edge of the barriers, with serious consequences.

Motorcycle riders are 15 times more at risk of loosing their life than car drivers when hitting against crash barriers, according to a study commissioned by the international association EuroRAP (

Motorcycling is becoming increasingly popular even among Maltese drivers.  In Europe, motorcycle riders make up 16% of road fatalities despite covering only 2% of distance travelled.  Riders are thirty times more at risk of loosing their lives than car drivers.

As part of its road safety strategy, Transport Malta is installing three and a half kilometres of motorcycle strips within the curves and critical parts of the Coast Road.  According to the study commissioned by EuroRap, motorcycle strips halve the number of fatalities of riders who crash in barriers.

Works continue on Coast Road Project


Road works related to the Coast Road Project

Transport Malta notifies that as from Friday 24th April 2015, direction from Triq l-10 ta’ Frar to Triq Kennedy Drive will be closed to vehicular traffic, in connection with the construction of the Coast Road.

All vehicular traffic coming from Buġibba towards Burmarrad, will be diverted onto Triq il-Wilġa onto Triq J.F. Kennedy and onto Triq Kennedy Drive.

Motorists are advised to proceed with caution. Any inconvenience is regretted.

Archaeological Discoveries in the Salina Bay Area


Following the archaeological discoveries in the Salina Bay, along the Coast Road project site, Transport Malta (TM) has been and still is in constant liaison with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage (SCH) so that proper archaeological investigations are carried out on site. A complete list of discoveries that have been en-earthed through the excavation phases for the widening and reconstruction of the road has already been documented.


Works on the project are therefore progressing in a more cautious manner to take into consideration these features and artefacts. It is envisaged that some structural changes will be required in the road foundation layers so as to preserve such features. Transport Malta is currently working on a modified option for the Coast Road in the Salina stretch to incorporate and preserve these archaeological findings, within the foundation layers below the road build-up.


Due to these important findings the project timelines are being re-evaluated with the possibility of them having to be extended to beyond the summer.


Transport Malta is will continue to work with the contractor and supervisors so that the works programme is analysed in detail and revised as necessary so that all these findings which are affecting the project can be incorporated in it with the least disturbance possible to the project.

Current works along the salt pans stretch and the Salina are being considered as the most archaeologically-sensitive area of the project at the moment.

New Traffic Arrangements for Coast Road

Coast Road – South Bound Traffic


Transport Malta notifies that south bound traffic, from Telgħa tal- Madliena to Triq Suffold, will be diverted through the entrance of White Rocks onto Triq Adrian Dingli, as from Thursday 19th February 2015, because of the construction of the Coast Road.

Triq Martin Luther King will only be accessible from the diversion road at the White Rocks, due to works in progress.

Motorists are advised to proceed with caution. Any inconvenience is regretted.