Vacancy: Flight Operations Inspectors

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TM Careers

TM Careers is an app that provides a valuable insight into the careers available at Transport Malta. Each profile for individual careers and internship opportunity is categorised according to the following sectors: Professional/technical; Managerial/administrative; Information Technology; Economics and Statistician and Others.

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It provides a full description of the skills and competences of each career and serves as a platform to launch work placements, vacancies and any other schemes that may be available from time to time. Video clips and news feeds are uploaded to explain the context within which each career can be pursued. Details of projects undertaken and the general work environment will be displayed. 

Users can build their own CV and select the sectors they are interested in.  They will receive a notification whenever a vacancy, work placement and/or other schemes arise and when new careers are uploaded.  The app makes it easy for users to apply for job vacancies and to ask any queries they might have on the particular post.

The app will inform and answer the general queries and expectations of prospective employees of Transport Malta.  

Get inspired

Here’s a number of interviews with persons who have careers within the Transport Industry and Transport Malta, to give you an idea what such careers would entail.

Kevin Ghirxi

Head of Marine Safety Investigation

Kevin Ghirxi

Antoinette Conti

Project Leader – Kappara Project

Antoinette Conti

Mark Chapelle

Senior Manager – Merchant Shipping Directorate

Mark Chapelle

Clint Taliana

Head of Flight Operations Inspectorate

Clint Taliana

Maria Gove

GIS Manager

Maria Gove

TM at Science in the Citadel Tomorrow

Promoting Careers in Transport

Building Careers

TM\'s outreach to secondary schools


Transport Malta participated in BPW\’s career day. An initiative organised by Business and Professional Women – Malta, under the patronage of the Office of the President.


On Friday 4th March, Transport Malta provided guidance and information to girls from various secondary schools from Malta and Gozo. The event held in the Millenium Stand at Ta\’ Qali, provided the students with a unique opportunity to learn about careers in the Maritime, Aviation, Roads and Corporate Services sectors.


Marisa Micallef a Flag and Port State Inspector and Lorraine Cutajar, a Port Duty Officer gave students an insight on career opportunities within the Maritime industries.  Melanie Waddell, a Flight Operations Inspector, did the same for the Aviation industry.


Mary Rose Pace, Financial Controller, Roberta Cilia, Training and Development Manager, Nighat John Akhtar, Training Coordinator and Jeanette Axisa, Chief Officer, shared their valuable experience within the Corporate Services Directorate.


There was a healthy exchange of information between Transport Malta\’s operatives, students and guidance teachers, on academic and specialised qualifications required to pursue and build a career in the transport sector.  


 This is part of various initiatives TM is pursuing to build the necessary skills and competences needed at present and in the future.  Other initiatives are being undertaken with MCAST and the University of Malta.  A pilot project was launched  about 12 months ago, introducing apprentices at the Roads and Infrastructure Directorate and the Traffic Management and Road Safety Unit.  The apprenticeship programme is being expanded in line with the requirements of other Directorates. 


This week, school boys attending Maria Regina School will be visiting our Maritime and Civil Aviation Directorates to learn about these industries.  An activity that will broaden their career paths.