A Once-Only grant for vehicles registered and licensed for personal use

Transport Malta would like to remind owners who registered a vehicle between 1 January and 31 December 2008, to submit the application form by not later than the 26 April 2019.

From a total of 6,300 eligible applicants, Transport Malta has already received 5,000 applications for the scheme.

As announced during the last Budget, Government will be refunding the equivalent amount of VAT paid on the registration tax (less the one time grant payment in 2014 of either €110 (vehicles) or €55 (motorcycles) to all vehicle owners who were eligible for the scheme that was published during 2014) to vehicle owners who had a vehicle registered between 1January and 31 December 2008. This payment will be issued in one full and final settlement by cheque, which shall be posted to the address indicated on the application form in the coming months.

Transport Malta has notified the eligible applicants in writing.

Vehicle owners who have received the notification by Transport Malta must verify their personal details, sign and return the application form to Transport Malta by not later than the  26 April 2019 to one of the following addresses below:

Grant Scheme                                                                                                

Transport Malta                                                                                                              

A3 Towers                                                                                                                 

ArcadeStreet, Paola                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Grant Scheme

Ministry for Gozo

Licence Office

Saint Francis Square, Gozo

Documents required with the Application Form:

  1. No additional documentation is required to be submitted if a person is submitting his/her own application. 
  2. In the case of a deceased person, the heir should together with the application form fill in his/her personal details and include a declaration made by a notary public, confirming that he/she is the eligible person to apply for the Scheme.

Vehicle owners who registered a vehicle for private use between 1May 2004 and 31December 2008 and are eligible for the scheme but had not applied for the grant in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 or 2018, may also submit the application form which may be obtained from Transport Malta, until 26April 2019.

This year, 6,300 applications will be processed covering a total of €4.9 million.

Transport Schemes 2019

€2.5 million for more sustainable private transport

Following the success of previous schemes in favour of more sustainable means of transport, €2.5 million have been allocated in this year’s budget, for these six schemes.

The first among these is that known as the scrappage scheme, which this year has an allocation of €1.5 million. New M1 Vehicles or M1 Hybrid Vehicles are eligible for this scheme when de-registering and scrapping a vehicle from the same category. This grant varies from €800 to €2,000. The sum of €800 is given to applicants registering new M1 Category Vehicles with CO2 emissions between 101 and 130g/km while M1 Vehicles with CO2 emissions up to 100g/km are eligible for €900 or the sum equivalent to the amount paid for registration tax for the same vehicle up to a maximum of €1,500. When an applicant is registering an M1 Hybrid Vehicle with CO2 emissions between 40 and 65g/km, they are eligible for a grant up to €2,000

Scrappage Scheme application – Maltese

Scrappage Scheme application – English

Scrappage Scheme Notice – English

Scrappage Scheme Notice – Maltese

Application form to scrap/de-register a vehicle – VEH13

The Government Notice No:120 relating to this scheme was published in the government gazette No: 20,128 dated 29.1.2019 and is available HERE

The second scheme has been allocated €600,000 and is dedicated to electric vehicles. Individuals, Local Councils, registered NGOs and private companies are eligible for this scheme. When one registers a new M1 or N1 electric vehicle while deregistering and scrapping another M1 or N1 Internal Combustion Engine vehicle at least 10 years old from the year of manufacture, they are eligible for a €7,000 grant while when one registers an electric vehicle of the same categories without scrapping another vehicle, they are eligible for up to €6,000. A €2,000 grant is available for applicants registering an imported second-hand M1 or N1 vehicle not older than 36 months and with less than 15,000 kilometres on its odometer. At the same time, when registering a new electric quadricycle or a new electric motorcycle in the category L6e, L7e or L3e-A3, the individual is eligible for €3,500. Under the same scheme, commercial companies are eligible for a maximum of €200,000 should they change their fleet from ICE to Electric Vehicles. Companies who have already benefitted from this scheme are eligible as long as they conform to state aid regulations. Joined to this scheme is an additional allocation of €100,000 dedicated to €400 grants for individuals purchasing a new pedelec or a new electric motorcycle, moped or tricycle under the L1e, L2e, L3e-A1, L3e-A2 or L5e category. 

VEH 51 – Application for such a scheme

De Minimis Application Form_English

The Government Notice relating to this scheme is available HERE

The third scheme, which has an allocation of €50,000 is the one offering a €200 grant when one converts an M1 or N1 vehicle to Autogas or LPG

Application in Maltese

Application in English

Procedure in Maltese

Procedure in English

Notice no.65 relating to this scheme was published in Friday 19th January 2018, Government Gazette No.19937 and is available HERE

The fourth scheme, allocated €100,000, is the one offering a €10,000 grant when one registers a new wheelchair accessible taxi or chauffeur driven vehicle, up to a maximum of €100,000 in one year. The scheme is limited to 5 taxis and 5 chauffeur driven vehicles (with GY and LY number plates) and is only applicable when another ICE vehicle at least 10 years old since its year of manufacture and which has had a valid licence for the past 5 years is deregistered and scrapped. The fifth scheme has been allocated €80,000 and gives a grant up to €25,000 for new car importers who want to upgrade their garage to be able to service electric vehicles while training staff for this new technology.

Applications for the scheme are available from Transport Malta, Road Transport Services Licensing Unit, A3 Towers Triq l –Arkata, Paola, and may be downloaded from the following links:

WAV-A1 Application Form

The grant scheme notice with all applicable conditions may be downloaded from the following links:

Grant Scheme Notice inMaltese

Grant Scheme Notice in English

The contents of this website notice are without prejudice to the content of the actual scheme as published on the Government Gazette.

The Government Notice No.121 relating to this scheme was published in Government Gazette No: 20,128 dated 29.01.2019 and is available HERE

The sixth scheme is a new one and has been allocated €100,000. This scheme applies for the conversion of M2, M3, N2 or N3 vehicles and is applicable for residents of Malta registered as owners of a vehicle which is registered and licenced by Transport Malta in the name of the applicant on the date of conversion and application, and which has been retrofitted with an HDDF system by a competent person. This system must conform to the requirements of UN ECE 142 and has to have been approved by an authority as authorised and conformant to Directive 2007/46/EC as amended. Vehicles with petrol engines are not eligible for the scheme. The grant is of €800 and is given when one upgrades from low Euro Standards emission levels (Euro III or lower) to Euro V. The conversion is to a system called Dual Diesel Fuel (DDF) which uses both diesel and LPG at the same time.