Barrakka Lift closed for a few hours


The Barrakka lift will be closed tomorrow, Saturday 30th April from 16:00hrs onwards.  The lift will re-open on Sunday at 06:30hrs.

Any inconvenience is regretted.

Barrakka Lift in Xmas


Barrakka Lift opening hours during Christmas & New Year’s Eve

The barrakka lift service will be extended as follows:

  • 24th December until 0200am of Friday 25th
  • 31st December until 0400am of Friday 1st

The use of lift will be free of charge from 17:00hrs onwards on both occasions.

Barrakka Lift Closed for two hours.


Lift at the Upper Barrakka

The Lift at the Upper Barrakka Gardens will be closed to the public tomorrow Tuesday 16th June between 15:30hrs and 17:30hrs.

Any inconvenience is regretted.

Upper Barrakka Lift open till midnight


Upper Barrakka Lift.

The Upper Barrakka Lift will operate till midnight as from today.  Transport Malta is extending the opening hours of the lift for the summer season when weather is more permissive and evening activities increase.

Malta EU Membership Celebrations in Valletta


Malta EU Membership Celebrations

Numerous activities will be held in the Grand Harbour area to celebrate the 11th Anniversary of Malta joining the European Union.  The Upper Barrakka Lift service will be closed and the Floriana Park and Ride transport service will be extended.

Barrakka Lift

 The lift at the Upper Barrakka Gardens will be closed tomorrow, Thursday 30th April from 17:00 onwards. The lift service will resume as normal on the following day.

 Floriana P&R services

 Transport service from the Floriana Park and Ride is being extended tomorrow evening between 19:30hrs and 00:30hrs.  The service will be extended to it-Telgħa tal-Kurċifiss, ix-Xatt ta’ Pinto and to the vicinity of Evans Buildings in Valletta

Barrakka Lift, Public Transport and Floriana Park & Ride Special Services for New Year\’s eve

During the New Year festivities, the following special services will be provided:


Barrakka Lift service

Wednesday 31st December 2014 service will be extended to 04:00hrs of Thursday 01st January

Use of lift will be free of charge from 17:00hrs onwards on this occasion.


Public Transport

A special night public transport service shall be provided on New Year’s Eve from Valletta to various localities up to 02:30hrs of Thursday 1st January 2015.

Tickets for the night service will be available for €3 from all Malta Public Transport ticket booths or may be purchased on-board from the driver. The ticket includes unlimited use of the daytime bus service throughout the day on December 31 and the trip from Valletta after the celebrations.

The general public is encouraged to use the public transport service especially when attending for these celebrations.


Floriana Park & Ride

On New Year’s Eve the Floriana Park and Ride service will also be extended to 02:30hrs of the 1st January 2015.