Car Sharing in Malta


Call for the introduction of Car-Sharing Services in Malta

 Transport Malta has published a Request for Proposals (RFP) Concession Contract for the Operation of a National Car-Sharing Programme for the Maltese Islands. Through this call, interested parties can submit their proposals to provide a fleet of vehicles to operate a car-sharing service in Malta and Gozo particularly in strategic locations. Through a web-based application, users can pre-book a vehicle to carry out a trip between  designated public car parking spaces. Half of the minimum suggested fleet has to be composed of electric vehicles.

 Car sharing is encouraged to be used in conjunction with other modes of transport in a given day such as the use of Bus Public Transport or Ferry public transport.


The service offers advantages to users of the service as well as to the environment and the economy. Exclusive car parking and car sharing contribute to the improvement of air quality in urban centres and improved energy efficiency of fuels. Driving less for car parking space means less fuel spent and burnt, hence less carbon based emissions as well. It will also contribute to less traffic congestion because its goal is to have less privately owned vehicles on the road. It is a fact that between 90 and 95% of the lifetime of a privately owned vehicle stays parked and idle, thus implying that the investment in it together with high operational costs are far more than actual paying for the use of a car only  when one really needs to.


Transport Malta will be carrying out an educational campaign to explain the service to the general public.