Re-launching of the scheme to regularise outstanding arrears of motor vehicle licence fees

Transport Malta is re-launching the scheme to regularise outstanding arrears of motor vehicle licence fees.  The legislation has been amended and the scheme shall be extended for the last time.

Owners of unlicensed vehicles will be prohibited from registering or transferring other vehicles on their name.

It is illegal to drive a vehicle on the road without a valid annual circulation licence. Moreover, with the introduction of the points system on 1 December 2017, owners who fail to renew their vehicle’s road license are subject to contraventions and a deduction of 3-6 points on their driving license.

Vehicle owners who do not pay for the vehicle licence after 90 days from the expiry date, will be fined €10 monthly. Vehicles on the road with a licence which has expired by more than 90 days, will be removed.

Transport Malta will be sending a letter to all those who did not renew their licence, to regularise themselves through this scheme.

The scheme applies for all vehicles that have been scrapped, destroyed, stolen, or garaged but whose owners failed to notify Transport Malta. The scheme applies also to owners who for some reason failed to renew their vehicle’s licence.

The scheme also makes provisions for:

  • Vehicles which have been scrapped by a deceased owner whose heir/s renounce the will;
  • Individuals who have scrapped a vehicle and are residing in a home for the elderly, hospital asylum or similar institutions.

Further information may be obtained from Transport Malta via email, by phone on 8007 2393 or from the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Unit at A3 Towers, Paola from Monday to Friday between 07:30hrs and 12:00hrs.